Can you afford to lose your phone? Most probably not! Phones cost an arm and a hand these days. Mobile devices are like third hands and we simply can’t function without our buzzing besties anymore.

Your electro-limb multitasks like a mother and keeps you connected to your people. You’ve grown attached to its slim body and intelligent mind.


Is your phone safe though?


Your phone travels everywhere you go and is exposed to many dangers. Your mobile can easily get snatched by strangers or end up with a cracked surface. It’s your job to protect your phone with insurance. offers awesome mobile device insurance which can be added as a specified portable possession to your existing Household, Building or Motor Insurance policy. You can select the type and amount of cover needed to suit your pocket, with premiums from as low as R27 per month. That’s less that the price of 2 litres of milk. Wow!


Cover options:


  1. Comprehensive

You are covered for accidental physical loss of, theft or damage to your mobile device specified in the policy schedule.

  1. Accidental partial damage and theft

You are covered for theft as well as accidental partial damage (excluding any water or other liquid damage).

  1. Accidental screen damage and theft

You are covered for theft and accidental damage to the screen of your mobile device only.   

  1. Accidental screen damage only

You are covered for accidental damage to the screen of your mobile device only.



Your phone or tablet can be insured to a maximum of R15 000 per unit and you’ll be covered all over the world. You might have 99 problems, but you’ll have 1 less problem with We’ll do the worrying, while you stay connected.

You can call us at 0861 dotsure (368 7873) or pop us a mail at if you want to save yourself (and your phone) from expensive damages and loses.


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