What’s the Mandela Day Buzz about?


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Politician, philanthropist and President. Has history ever yielded a better beacon of compassion and selflessness? Perhaps not. Mandela Day honours his Batman-like heroism by allowing you to show-off your own hero-like qualities and give 67 minutes of compassion to a cause of your choice.


Why 67 Minutes?

That’s a great question! It’s because Mr Mandela was in public service for 67 years. Each minute of goodwill represents a year of his public service lifespan. Let that soak in for a minute… 67 years.

So, would you like to be a Hero like Madiba and clear your guilty conscience?


Here are 3 easy ways to be a hero on Mandela Day


  1. Donate “kryptonite”

You can donate some life-giving blood. It will make you feel a little weak for a few minutes, but it can give others a lifetime of strength.


How to share your blood

  • Make sure you are between the ages of 16-65, weigh more than 50 kg’s and have your Superman strength.
  • Find a SANBS Blood Donation Centre near you OR motivate your employer to host a blood drive at your offices for the convenience of all your sidekicks.
  • Eat a balanced meal 3-4 hours prior to donation. Remember-Even superheroes need to refuel.

Did you know?

Every unit of blood can save up to THREE civilians! That means that you turn into a real-life superhero in less than an hour. How cool is that?


  1. Fly to your local SPCA

Use your flying powers and extra strength to play with the furry friends at the SPCA. Who knows, you might have the urge or wrap one in your cape and carry it to the safety of your own hideout.

How to carry your furry friends to safety?


ADOPT-YOU save a life!

Animals in shelters are abandoned and left destitute by some serious villains. They were left to fight the battle between good and bad alone, wandering around in search of a sidekick and a life companion. You have the power to make their future better than their past. You can provide them with a haven and experience, in the process, benefit from their unconditional love and companionship.

For guidelines on the adoption process click here.

  1. Share your superpowers

You can share your caring superpowers with organisations like the Red Cross. Your selfless 67 minutes could save the next little Superman.

Red Cross

In less than 67 seconds you can donate R20 or more to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital which will contribute to the wellbeing of little superheroes fighting the battle for survival against the evilest villain of them all… Illness.

How do donate?

Visit the Children’s Hospital Trust website by clicking here.

If you would like to make a personal contribution to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, you can also pop in for a surprise visit and entertain the little superheroes with some fun and games. Your 67 minutes could make a major difference.

YOU could be the difference!

We at dotsure.co.za we also do our part. We celebrate Mandela Day by making it our mission to utilize a valuable feeding scheme to help feed 20 000 vulnerable South Africans every month. The prepared food packs consist of rice, soya mince, vegetables and a mixture of 21 vitamins and minerals which are handed out to charity organisations in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

On Mandela Day our employees honour Madiba by sharing their caring superpowers by helping us pack. Our team has enough power to save thousands of little superheroes.

Do you have the power to save lives?

Of course! Share your 67 minutes and honour the legacy of our country’s most influential leader!

Viva Madiba!!!