She gets you to and from home and work every day without a word about your early-morning driving habits (they’re good ones, right?). She’s there for you when your human mechanics can’t carry you. Since your car is so good to you, she deserves to be protected. There’s no knowing what’s around the next corner…

Give your roadster the attention she deserves by getting the right type of car insurance. This way, a decent mechanic will fix her when she is broken. The outcome? Your car will stay in shape and you’ll arrive at your destination stress-free and on time. That is if you choose the right for your needs and your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a royal pain in the neck to choose the one. We’ve explained car insurance types in simple terms to help you and your metal baby rule.


Types of car insurance


  1. Comprehensive Cover:

This type of insurance is Queen of the insurance kingdom. It generally carries a higher premium (monthly payment) that ticks all the boxes.

In general, you’re covered for:

  • Car repair if you are in an accident (excluding your excess*).
  • Full or part of the damages to any other car(s) in an accident you caused. This is called “third party liability cover”.
  • Fire damage to your car.
  • The theft and/or hijacking of your car (some policies do not cover this in full, or cover it with higher excess payments, so check your policy document).

* The excess is the amount you are liable to pay when you make a claim. A smaller excess means a higher premium; a larger excess means a lower premium. Under Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) regulationsall insurance companies must consider your financial position when advising on the ideal ratio for your income and expenses.


  1. Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover:

This cover is the guard at the gates of the Kingdom. It protects other vehicles when you are responsible for an accident.

In general, you’re covered for:

  • The damages you cause to other vehicles (not your vehicle).
  • Fire damage and theft to your vehicle.

If you have this cover and you are in the wrong in an accident, it is likely that the other car will claim against your policy even if they have their own insurance.


  1. Third Party Cover:

This is the most affordable cover. Maybe you don’t drive very often or aren’t currently earning enough to get higher cover. This is the very minimum you should have.

If you cause an accident (or are legally liable), you’re usually covered for:

  • The cost of the repair/replacement of the other vehicle(s), usually up to a specific amount.
  • NOTE: Third Party cover provides cover for other cars only.
  • NOTE: Fire damages and theft are not covered in Third Party cover.

How to get the best car insurance for sho

  1. Get your geek on

Do some research to find the best car insurer for your needs. Compare various insurance companies’ packages. Take your time and get at least 3 quotes.

Please note: the cheapest option does not necessarily offer the best cover. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before you decide which is right for you.


  1. What’s in it for you?

You need to compare benefits, premiums, excess and terms and conditions. Obviously, the insurer with the best policy cover at a price you can afford will be your first choice. And one that lets you Name Your PriceTM in an online quote in the comfort of your own home? That’s the jewel in the crown of insurance cover!

It’s also useful to weigh up customer service from the start of the policy up until the claim is concluded. A small saving on a monthly premium with a company that’s hard to reach or relate to is not necessarily in your best interests. We have a policy of earning fans –  not customers – and we always put you first.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say.


  1. You and – it’s a match!

You may find exactly what you need at an insurance company with an orange bunny logo. That’s! Quotes will be customized to fit your specific needs and your budget, you’ll receive excellent customer service, and be rewarded for good driving. There’s no waiting period for claims, either.


  1. Read your policy like a legal eagle

Make sure you know the ins and outs of everything in your policy before you make a decision.


Ask yourself:

  • What’s covered and what’s not?
  • Is the cover of your vehicle limited to a named driver? Also known as a nominated driver policy.
  • What’s the excess for drivers under 25? Is there a penalty for young drivers?
  • Do you need a detection device to qualify for theft or hijacking cover?
  • Do you get discounts for good driving? We offer discounts* with the Smartbox in place!
  • Is Third Party Liability cover included?
  • Which geographical areas are covered?
  • Is car hire covered?
  • What extra fees do you have to pay when you claim?
  • Are emergency benefits included?
  • Are the added benefits useful to you?
  • Can you manage your policy online?
  • Can you choose how much to pay for your cover?
  • Is the claims process fast and simple?

*Ts and Cs apply

Now that you’ve got all the info and you can make an informed decision, it’s time to sign your policy. Once you’ve received your policy documents, keep a printed copy somewhere safe and check it before you claim.

Why choose

While other insurers continue to push monthly premiums sky-high, we let you Name Your PriceTM. You pay what you can afford.

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