You don’t need ghosts or ghouls to lose something precious. Here are a few stories about real-life Halloween horrors, and how we would have helped if it had been you.


Mysterious disappearance of a car

Many people are out and about, walking the streets as they trick-or-treat at Halloween. Many thieves know this. One unfortunate reveller lost his car this way. “My first year living here, my car was stolen on Halloween night. The gate was broken so the people just drove right out.” Abi H. told Yelp in a testimonial about his California neighbourhood.

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Haunted House goes up in flames

A house in North Wales, UK, burnt down in a Halloween blaze in 2017. The same house was believed to be haunted as far back as 1866 when clothing on the premises would be mysteriously shredded. According to the Daily Post, a local newspaper then reported that police investigated and found owner’s daughter to be at fault. “It is believed that the young woman instituted these ghostly proceedings for the express purpose of frightening her mother away, purposing to take possession of the house herself.” What a weird legacy to find in its ashes…

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Killed in costume, Los Angeles

A little boy “was shot in the head while showing off his Spider-Man costume” in 2010, CBS Los Angeles reported.  The funeral proceeded shortly after the tragedy and two local gangsters were charged with the murder.

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Terrified dog bites a little boy

Children and dogs left unattended can get into awful situations at Halloween. One boy sustained bites to the body after the front door of the St. Petersburg house he was trick-or-treating at opened by itself during Halloween 2017. Witnesses said that nobody was home and lots of other children had been at the door trying to open it in search of treats. This likely terrified the dog who attacked the ‘intruder’ to protect his home. Although it would have been painful, and he probably got a huge fright, the boy was okay. Let’s hope the dog was too, and that his human takes better precautions to help him calm down next time.


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