Aah, April. It’s a special time filled with wild pranks (April Fools) and new beginnings (Easter Weekend). We don’t see any reason the fun shouldn’t last all month, either.

In 2018, the Easter weekend runs Friday, March 30 (Good Friday) to Sunday, April 1 (Easter Sunday) which makes Monday a day off. We’ve picked a few fantastic outdoor events that long weekend and throughout April to give you something to groove to.

Looking for a good time in the Easter Holidays? Desperate for a mid-month mini-break? Want a bit of a blast at the end of April? Our guide’s got something for everyone from the spectator to the party animal. Some are free and some are freakin’ insane and all of them will give you something to talk about as Autumn winds down into Winter.

Splashy Fen

With a long tradition of partying till dawn, Splashy Fensters see no other way to say, “yay!” than tramping across the Drakensberg foothills’ green velvet slopes. If you love the outdoors, live music and getting festival hair fast, you’ll love this five-stage festival in the mountains. This year you can jam out to national favourites Mango Groove, GoodLuck, pop-rock princes Prime Circle, Matthew Mole and so many others on the scene. Whether you’re camping or glamping, take warm clothes and something for wet weather. And save the sweating for the dancefloor – there’s an app to pre-order alcohol and you can grab a bus direct to the venue.

When: 29 March – 2 April 2018

Where: Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal

Why? It’s known for its friendly locals.

Entry fee: R10 – R795 (kids to adults)

If you do one thing: do it in gumboots. Just saying.

Tickets: http://splashyfen.co.za




The arts are alive and well in the historic town of Oudtshoorn. Every year, the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (Arts Festival) floods its wide streets, enchanting allies and gorgeous, antique buildings with creativity and activity. There’s so much to choose from. It’s mostly-Afrikaans-language programme includes a fantastic array of popular and classical music, traditional and physical theatre, fine and contemporary art, family-friendly events and hilarious comedy shows. Pieter Dirk Uys has a new show dubbed “When in Doubt Say Darling”. RSG radio is hosting an opera night. Elize Cawood and Wilson Dunster bring the laughs with the comedy piece “Mike & Mavis”. It’s a good idea to stay a few days and go hang with the Cango Caves folk – they have an incredible zipline adventure waiting for you.

When: 29 March – 04 April 2018

Where: Oudtshoorn, Western Cape

Why? Afrikaans culture means much, much more than koeksisters and potjiekos, my china.

Entry fee:  per show (varies)

If you do one thing: Support the “10-sent, 20-sent” street performers. They’re an established fringe act with amazing energy and they’re entrepreneurs, too.

Tickets: http://kknk.co.za/


April Fools Paintball Charity Fundraiser

Whether you’re a good shot or not, you can release pent-up energy in a do-good paintball bonanza this Easter. Participants are invited to pick up a (paintball) gun and do it for charity. All proceeds go to Pit Pals Pit Bull support and GRACE Animal Sanctuary (170-288 NPO). The goal is to aim at your frenemies and pull that trigger until they’re a dripping bruise-gripping rainbows of goodwill. There’s a pool to wash off in afterwards and a potjie for every surviving hero.

When: 1 April (1-day event)

Where: Zeestock Lodge, Cape Town.

Why? It’ll be a bullseye of a status update.

Entry fee: R50 – R300

If you do one thing: don’t shoot straight up. It comes down just as hard. #justsaying.

Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/267155197152239/


Organik Love Project

If you couldn’t make it out over Easter weekend, here’s one more chance to say goodbye to summer! Organik Love Project is a thumping, psytrance-music gathering under shady, mid-April trees. Barefoot stompers will have spectacularly beautiful stages to dust up. Revellers in baggies and bikinis will have a stream to play in.  DJs Rinkadink, On3 and more will wow the happy crowds. Lush camping and psychedelic backdrops are all part of the magic. There’s convenient pre-arranged camping and a party shuttle if you want to keep it simple.

When: 14-15 April 2018

Where: Caledon, Western Cape

Why? The Love Project lives up to its name by collecting blankets to give to the less fortunate. Take your donations to the box at the gate.

Entry fee: R340 – R450

If you do one thing: take a leaf out of Afrikaburn’s tree and start a cuddle puddle next to the dancefloor. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Tickets: http://organik.co.za/




Based on Burning Man but with a distinctly South African flair, this colourful art festival will blow your mind. From four-story jungle gyms to forty different parties in one night, it’s a grown-up paradise that’s also family friendly. You must take EVERY-thing you need and that includes washing and drinking water and all your food. The event operates on a gifting economy – no cash at all and there’s nothing to buy (apart from ice, because desert camping). Amazingly, the ginormous art exhibition is volunteer-run and you’re encouraged to play your part. That could mean offering a complimentary massage to whoever asks or sponsoring a ticket for someone less privileged than you. Got a wild idea? It belongs here.

When: 23 April – 29 April 2018

Where: Tankwa Town, Northern Cape

Why? It’s the largest outdoor art gathering in Africa and the biggest dress-up (or down) in the Southern Hemisphere.

Entry fee:  R180 – R2 300 (Community Tickets – MayDay Tickets)

If you do one thing: be at the main burn (usually the Saturday night) – it’s when the clan sculpture goes up in flames.

Tickets: https://www.afrikaburn.com/


Feet tapping? Fingers rapping? Here’s a handy guide to get maximise your leave days because like you, we like to play as hard as we work, too.


More for less: hack your 2018 leave here


Public Holiday What’s the occasion? How many days’ annual leave? Which days do I take off? How many days off do I get in total?
27 April


Freedom Day 1 30 Apr


5 days
9 Aug


National Women’s Day 1 10 Aug


4 days
24 September


Heritage Day 1 21 Sept


4 days
16 December

(Sunday, next day off)

Day of Reconciliation 1 14 Dec


4 days
25 December, 26 December, New Year’s Day Christmas Day (25/12),
Day of Goodwill (26/12),
New Year’s Day (01/01)
5 21,24,27,28,31 Dec

(Friday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Monday)

12 days