When it comes to the renewal of your car registration license, it seems like a massive speedbump in the road, an unavoidable pothole…It’s time consuming, super frustrating and just downright annoying…but it has to be done. Ugh!

You’re a busy human and there’s no need for you to struggle with endless queue and complicated forms on your own. We’ve got your back (as always). Did you know as a dotsure.co.za motor policy holder you receive our Licence Protect Benefit?


What is Licence Protect and how do I use this benefit?



It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – let’s get you registered:

  1. Scan a copy of any document that reflects your vehicle registration number(s) – a photo of license disk(s), vehicle registration document(s) or license renewal notice(s), plus your driver’s license
  2. Send the copies to contactus@roadprotect.co.za or fax it to 086 500 2217.
  3. Voila, you’re registered on the system!


What does the License Protect service include?

  • A timely and efficient license monitoring and notification system
  • Assistance with lost or stolen licenses
  • The convenience of not having to complete long and complicated forms
  • An easy payment facility
  • Delivery of renewed license


How does this benefit you?


  1. No more visits to the Licencing Department for car registration licence renewals

License Protect will deal with the Licensing Department or Post Office on your behalf, which means no more queues or admin nightmares. You also have the complete convenience of having your renewed license delivered to your door.


     2. No more penalties

Never again will you have to worry about paying penalty fees for late license renewals.


      3. No more admin

Their expert team will provide full administrative support for all license renewal related matters.



How does it work?


For Drivers’ License renewals:

  • By using a copy of your driver’s license card, License Protect will load your license information onto their system and proactively notify you a month prior to your renewal date.
  • License Protect will assist by sending you the license renewal forms to complete, notifying you of any supporting documents you need to take to the License Department as well as the total cost involved.
  • License Protect will also guide you to your closest License Department, informing you of the best time to arrive so that you potentially avoid the queues.


For Car License renewals:

  • By using your car registration number, License Protect will load your license information onto their system and proactively notify you of any impending renewals a month prior to the renewal date.
  • License Protect will then send you an invoice for the face value of the license renewal fee. Once you have paid the full amount on the invoice to Road Protect, License Protect will start the renewal process   on your behalf, including payment for the renewal.
  • Once your license is processed, License Protect will contact you and arrangements will be made for the renewed license to be delivered to you.


And there you have it! You’re welcome!


*Terms and conditions apply. Please note that this benefit is for the member and their insured car only.