Time for a treat? If you’d like to spoil Spot and Sushi but you’re worried about the impact the products may have on the environment, or you just prefer to do things more naturally, you’re not alone.  Climate change is real and pet lovers are becoming more aware of their impact on nature. Good news is it’s entirely possible to be an animal lover and an earth guardian at the same time.

The trick to it is to make more responsible choices for mother nature and your fur babies. Ethical eco-products use organic ingredients, sustainably-produced materials, and reduce waste and energy consumption in the production line. We’ve got a few suggestions for you.


Treats for animals with an appetite


Wild bird seed bells will treat hungry birds in your garden and bring more birdsong to your windowsill. Not for homes with cats…!


Plant heirloom non-GMO, heirloom catnip seeds to grow more furry purrs.
Cat bowls made with byproducts of rice production mean less waste and more yum.


An ant-beater pet bowl means fewer refills. No more water-waste antics.
These’s dog bowls use plant fibre from sustainably-produced bamboo.
Yep, get delicious, wheat-free dog biscuits right here.


Keeping them clean (and comfortable)

Here’s a squeaky clean, natural pet shampoo that won’t wash away your flea and tick treatment.
Speaking of which, pest powder with diatomaceous earth is a safe way to eradicate the pests that love pets.
Wellness support, naturally

Natural immune booster offers great support for your pet’s natural defences.
Help your pet relax with this earthy remedy to motion sickness, fear, shock and stress.
Spot got stinky breath? Natural ingredients will make licks delicious again.
Probiotics for pets? Yup! This one’s all-natural, too.
Eco hygiene for kitties
Clean the tray and clear your green guilt in one scoop using an environmentally responsible litter tray and litter scoop.
How about some environmentally-friendly litter to go in it? Here’s one made with the leftovers of soymilk production.


Green doggie-do

Plastic is causing a stink with environmentally conscious consumers. Pick up Spot’s ‘gifts’ with a poop bag holder made from biodegradable, plant-fibre plastic.
You’ll need refills of these biodegradable poop bags.

Strange smells

Enviro-easy air freshener is natural, antibacterial, and antifungal. Fresh scents make sense!



A variety of coconut fibre and cotton pet toys will give a natural thrill to playtime.

If you do one thing…
Remember, the eco-friendliest pet is one that neither hunts nor reproduces. Cats with access to wild spaces are considered an invasive alien species by some. Cats and dogs can quickly have large litters that need love and new homes. You don’t want to be responsible for adding to the hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals that are put to sleep each year, or the millions of birds killed by cats (and dogs) each year.

Get a bell for your furry friends to warn your feathered friends that danger is near.
Have your cats and dogs neutered or spayed as soon as your vet says it’s appropriate.
Make sure you have a valid licence for your exotic pets.

We’ll insure them all.

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