Coping with little rascals can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like their ears aren’t very functional and they babble non-stop, especially after one too many sips of sugary soda…Ugh, sometimes keeping the youngsters in their rooms with mountains of toys feels like the only solution to the endless bundles of energy. Is grounding however the healthiest solution to discipline a toddler? Not according to some experts, it turns out.

Keeping your kiddos indoors might seem like a safe and harmless act of good parenting, but it can be harmful to their health.


Did you know?

Children are very vulnerable to the impact of poor indoor climate and toxins, because their lungs and brains are not fully developed yet. Researchers from the University of Leicester studied 100 healthy people, whose age ranged from 7 to 21, using a range of breathing tests. Children can hold approximately one litre of air in the lungs compared to four litres in an adult.


Kids’ rooms are one of the worst places in your home when it comes to air pollution and toxins. Many toys and electronic appliances are to blame for harmful emissions. A recent Danish survey found that around half of the study’s participating families had higher than recommended night-time amounts of CO2 in kids’ rooms, and that around every fourth room had three times the recommended maximum CO2 levels.


Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning


  • Headaches
  • Troubled sleep
  • Fatigue and difficulty concentrating
  • Chest pain
  • Seizures
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea

If your children experience any of the above symptoms, please visit your local Paediatrician for immediate medical attention.


Solutions to healthier indoor climates


Here are some effortless ways to reduce CO2 levels and improve the indoor climate in your kids’ rooms.


  1. Less air isn’t more



Open more than one window to make sure that natural air fills your kid’s lungs. Indoor air isn’t great for their health. It contains gasses, particles, biological waste and water vapour. Gross, right?

Hint: Air your rascal’s room out for at least 40 minutes every day. Keep their bedroom door open.


   2. Plastic isn’t that fantastic



When plastic heats up, it releases toxic fumes. These fumes are especially found in toys older than 10 years. Keep your childhood action figure tucked away in a box far away from your little angel’s grip.

Hint: Don’t leave plastic toys in the sunlight or on heated floors. Make sure that your toddler doesn’t spend too much time exploring their rooms. Rather let them follow you into the living room. A little game of Simon says won’t hurt.


    3. Less damp, no mites



Don’t leave any wet towels or clothes in your children’s rooms. That’s an opportunity for nasty mould to cultivate in your ceiling. Also remember to clean sheets and matrasses regularly. Mites love beds even more than we do.

Hint: Vacuum mattresses at least once a week. Keep the room dust free and dry.

Keep the above in mind the next time you see your kiddo spending too much time in their toy kingdom. Don’t punish your toddlers by forcing them to stay indoors. Enjoy the fresh air and make sure that your kids spend enough time in the great outdoors.