We are super excited and incredibly proud to announce that from 1 October 2020, Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited will be merging its brand with dotsure.co.za, its direct arm, and changing their colours from green to orange!

This means that the Oakhurst brand will be gracefully retired whilst undergoing a re-branding process and an official name change to Dotsure Limited. Since 2019, the dotsure.co.za brand has been deservedly positioned as the country’s most trusted insurer according to Hellopeter.com* and we are fully committed to continue building on that reputation by creating new fans every day.

This move signifies a strengthening in our commitment to you and will give us the opportunity to create efficiencies that will translate into better outcomes for our customers and partners.


What does it mean for dotsure.co.za policyholders?

dotsure.co.za family members will still enjoy the same cover at the same affordable premiums.


What about current Oakhurst policyholders?

Don’t worry, this change will have no material impact on your policy or cover at all! Every policy you have in place with us will remain completely unaffected and you will have the same team of experts dedicating their time and expertise to the management of your policy.


We are supercharged and ready to impress you every step of the way. Watch the space! 😉

Have any questions? Send us a message here.

*As on Hellopeter.com, 2020/08