Essential Warning Lights and What They Mean

Regardless of how reliable your vehicle may be, it’s inevitable that something might malfunction or need attention at some point. Fortunately, modern cars are equipped with sensors and warning lights that alert you to potential problems before they escalate.


Low Tyre Pressure

  • What it means: It indicates low tyre pressure in one or more tyres.
  • Action: Safely stop and inspect the tyres. If low, fill with air promptly.

low tyre pressure

Engine Oil Warning Light

  • What it means: It indicates low engine oil, risking engine damage.
  • Action: Check oil levels immediately and seek professional assistance.
engine oil warning

Check Engine Light

  • What it means: It signifies various engine issues, from minor to severe.
  • Action: Visit a mechanic promptly for diagnosis and repair.
check engine light

Brake System Warning Light

  • What it means: It indicates brake system malfunction or low brake fluid level.
  • Action: Stop the vehicle and seek professional help immediately.
brake system warning

Airbag Warning Light

  • What it means: It signals a problem with the airbag system.
  • Action: Get the car inspected promptly for safety concerns.
airbag warning

Battery Warning Light

  • What it means: It indicates a malfunction in the battery charging system.
  • Action: Seek professional assistance to avoid a potential breakdown.
battery warning

ABS Sensor Warning Light

  • What it means: It indicates an issue with the anti-lock brake system.
  • Action: Drive cautiously and seek professional help promptly.
abs sensor warning

Coolant Level Warning Light

  • What it means: It signals that the engine is overheating due to low coolant levels.
  • Action: Stop the vehicle, let it cool, and check coolant levels.
coolant level warning

Power Steering Warning Light

  • What it means: It indicates a problem with power steering assistance.
  • Action: Stop and check the steering mechanism and seek assistance to avoid safety risks.
power steering warning

Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard warning lights are crucial indicators of your vehicle's health, ranging from minor issues to potential safety hazards. Just remember that yellow or amber lights signify caution and should be addressed soon, while red lights indicate that immediate attention is required.


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