Car Parts vs. Everyday Items

Ever popped the hood of your car and felt as if you were staring into a jumble of alien gadgets? Believe it or not, some car parts look a lot like everyday household items.


Spark Plug or Candle Holder?

Think of a small, metal cylinder with a bit of an electrode sticking out. You might be picturing a spark plug, but it could just as easily be a candle holder.

spark plug

Oil Filter or Coffee Filter?

If you’ve ever changed your car’s oil, you’ve seen an oil filter. But next time you make coffee, take a look at the coffee filter. They’re both round, cylindrical, and designed to catch unwanted stuff.

oil filter

Radiator Cap or Jar Lid?

Take a look at the radiator cap on your car and compare it to a jar lid. Both are metal, round, and have gripping surfaces to twist them on or off.

radiator cap

Timing Belt or Yoga Mat Strap?

Stretch out a timing belt and a yoga mat strap. Both are long, flexible, and strong enough to handle a lot of tension.

timing belt

Fuel Injector or Perfume Nozzle?

A fuel injector and a perfume bottle nozzle look surprisingly similar. Both are small and designed to spray a liquid.

fuel injector

Shock Absorber or Rolling Pin?

Take a shock absorber and a rolling pin. Both are cylindrical and built to handle pressure.

shock absorber

Air Filter or Accordion Folder?

Open up an air filter and an accordion folder, and you’ll see many pleats.

air filter

Alternator or Electric Hand Mixer?

Look at an alternator and an electric hand mixer. Both are compact, have rotating parts, and run on electricity.




Who knew car parts and household items could have so much in common? It’s a fun way to make the unfamiliar a bit more familiar!