As another year rolls around we’re compelled, by peer pressure, FOMO and negative bank accounts to create resolutions that, let’s be honest, are mostly unrealistic. However, with the current struggling economic climate, it’s imperative for you, and your entire family (furry members included) to create and implement some financial resolutions that will assist during this bleak outlook.

“Financial resolutions don’t have to be intimidating,” says David Roache Managing Director of “It’s about putting in a little and gaining a lot. For many, saving just R100 a month won’t make too much of a dent on their day-to-day life, but come a rainy day, they’ll be grateful to have that little bit extra to fall back on. The same applies for pet insurance; your output far outweighs the input.”

For as little as R73 per month, come that rainy day (no pet parent likes to think about) your pet will be covered. Pet parenthood is on the rise in South Africa. “This is due to the growing number of single professionals, empty-nesters, couples who delay having children and, families wanting more dogs for safety. In 2016, there were an estimated 9.2 million dogs living in South African households, ranking us the ninth highest in the world,” Roache explains. So, with costs rising, including when it comes to being a good pet parent, and salaries remaining the same, pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as some pet policies provide up to R53,000 in cover annually.

According to the South African Pet Care Industry Landscape Report, the global trends of pet parenting and pet humanisation whereby pet parents regard pets as members of the family has filtered down to the local pet care industry, encouraging consumers to spend more on pet products, and spoiling their pets as one might a child, reads the Insight Survey. As a result of this, South African pet parents have become more attentive in their purchases of pet care products, opting for products and services that treat pets as part of the family. “You wouldn’t think twice about paying for a comprehensive medical aid plan for you and your family, so why should providing for our furry family members be any different?” asks Roache.

However, while South Africans may love and treat their pets as they would any child of their own, when it comes to pet insurance, education is needed. “Although we’ve covered in excess of 100,000 South African pets, we know we’re just starting to see the local market begin to trust and understand this type of cover. Our campaigns have been designed around educating South Africans that pet insurance exists and works. Remember, until recently, this was a relatively unknown offering with very few affordable options available.” Roache adds that has paid out more than 45,000 claims in the last three years, saving pet parents millions of Rands in vet bills.

Our lives are so stressful as is, why let rising vet bills become a pet hate? Pet insurance gives you peace of mind that if, and when, something happens to your fur baby, you don’t have to choose between your pet’s life and your finances. “Pet insurance isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity in today’s tough times,” concludes Roache.

About is the first and only insurance provider in South Africa to insure cats, dogs and a range of exotic pets. is a product of Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited (FSP 39925) and Oakhurst Life Limited (FSP 44793), authorised financial services providers.

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