At, we believe that car insurance shouldn’t be a gamble. You deserve guaranteed ways to save on your car insurance, without putting your finances and valuables at unreasonable risk. That’s why we’re here to inform you of the seven ways that you can save with Name Your Price™ (NYP) car insurance.

In our commitment to making cover more affordable and flexible, we developed Name Your Price™ car insurance. This trademarked cover lets you choose how much you want to spend on your car insurance based on your needs and lifestyle.


7 Ways to Save with Name Your Price™ Cover Limitations*


1. 50% Discount for one month

You will receive a 50% discount on your first premium if you sign up for a car insurance policy online*. #score


2. Glass cover

Maybe you don’t take the open road all too often and only use the car for a quick trip to the local grocer or school just around the corner… If so, you may consider activating the glass cover limitation to your policy for a slight reduction in your monthly premium*. If removed, you will however not have cover for any damage to your windshield and the windows of your vehicle. But if this is something you’re okay with for the time being to feel some relief on your pocket, then you are free to do so with Name Your Price™ cover limitations. It’s also super easy to add it back again to your policy via the Manage Portal at a later stage.


3. Night-time driving

“Decreased visibility, depth perception, colour recognition, and peripheral vision are compromised after sundown,” according to Arrive Alive. That’s why drivers are more at risk on the road at night. Being covered for night-time driving increases your premium due to the higher risk it involves. But let’s say for example that you’re a bit night-blind and avoid driving after sundown at all costs, you might want to consider the night-time driving cover limitation on your Name Your Price policy. This means that you won’t be covered for loss or damage which occurs between 21:00 at night and 05:00 in the morning*. So, if you’d rather snuggle up at home in the evenings and watch a movie or take a long, relaxing bubble bath instead of hitting the road, you have the option to exclude night-time driving from your cover to lower your premium.


4. Monthly mileage

Name Your Price™ allows you to pay less on your premium when you limit the distances travelled with your insured vehicle (that’s actually great for the environment as well!). If you don’t drive more than 1,000 kilometres a month, you could perhaps consider adding the monthly mileage cover limitation to your policy*. This means that your vehicle will only be covered for the first 1,000 kilometres travelled in a month.


5. Driving over weekends

According to Arrive Alive, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays see the most fatal crashes of all the days in a standard week. This means that accidents are more likely to happen over weekends due to factors such as an increased volume in traffic for example. Driving around on weekends may put you at a slightly higher risk of becoming the victim of a car accident, which then also justifies an increased insurance premium. But if you usually spend weekends nesting in the sanctuary you call home, and prefer not to globetrot your way through the busy streets, then you may choose to activate the driving-over-weekends cover limitation to your Name Your Price™ policy. Opting out will exclude cover for loss or damage which occur between 21:00 on Friday and 05:00 on a Monday, but if it suits your needs and lifestyle, you can easily save on your premium*.


6. Hail cover

South Africa Online identifies certain hailstorm hotspots in the country. These areas have a much higher hailstorm frequency than the surrounding areas. The Misgund area in the Langkloof Valley as well as the “southern slopes of the Winterberg Mountains in the Eastern Cape from north of Somerset East to north of Fort Beaufort” are hail hotspots. Other areas that receive frequent hailstorms include the Drakensberg mountains, parts of KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and parts of Gauteng. During hail season hailstones the size of golf balls can be expected in some of the hotspot areas. Ouch!
If you don’t live or travel in areas that often see hailstorms, why pay to have your car covered for it? Well, with Name Your Price™ it’s completely up to you – you can lower your premium by excluding hail cover from your policy. Just bear in mind that you won’t be able to claim for hail-related damage to your vehicle should your car be hit by Mother Nature the day she has such an outburst.


7. Driver options Name Your Price™ offers different driver options which have an impact on your premium depending on your selection. Choose the option that best suits your needs and pocket.

Who will be driving your car? If you select a nominated or single driver policy, your premium will be lower than it would be if an open driver policy option is selected. Let’s have a closer look…


  • An open driver policy means that anybody may drive your vehicle with your permission, whilst in possession of a valid driver’s licence, and you will still be covered for loss or damage to your vehicle. This type of policy usually carries a higher premium due to higher risk involved.
  • A nominated driver policy means that only the individuals, in possession of a valid driver’s licence, stipulated on your policy schedule will be allowed to drive your car.
  • A single driver policy means that only the person noted as the regular driver on the policy will be allowed to drive the car to enjoy the cover.


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