You’ve tried to shy away from the sun, but life got in the way and the waves were calling. You didn’t think you’d have 50 shades of pink after your refreshing 2-hour dip in the world’s largest aqua pit, because a few squirts of factor 30 should have blocked the burn. Unfortunately, your skin’s melanin and the sunblock couldn’t shield you from the sun’s blazing ultraviolet rays.


After a look in the mirror at home, a few sympathetic stares from strangers and a burning sensation, you realize it’s time for some damage control. You google “Home remedies for sunburn” and come across the following awesome tips:


7 Home remedies for sunburn


  1. Ice-ice baby


How do you take the sting out of a sunburn? You stop, cooperate and listen!

Cool it down with a classic cold compress. All you need is a few ice blocks, a plastic bag and a hand towel. It will remove the burns and reduce inflammation. Simply chunk the ice in the bag and wrap the towel around. Press the pack on your fried body parts and feel the burn fade away.




   2. Aloe Vera


The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using aloe vera to help reduce the effects of sunburn. You can simply cut an aloe vera leaf open and squeeze out the juices or make some aloe ice cubes.


Make aloe vera ice cubes for pain relief. Keep them in your freezer or take them with you to the beach in a cooler bag. Your sunburn will melt away as the ice cubes and natural treatment ease the burn. Re-apply frequently (like you should have done with your sun block – then you wouldn’t be in this mess right now).


Tip: Buy aloe vera water and freeze in an ice cube tray. It’s easy and super cool.


      3. Freezing soak


Taking a steamy hot shower is a no-go after getting a burn, but a cool bath can do wonders for sunburn relief.

When you’ve got 15 minutes or so, fill a bath with cool water and jump in. Add a cup of baking powder to your bath water for some extra soothing power. Baking soda can help your sunburned skin and return its pH levels by balancing acid and alkaline levels. Hmm…maybe it’s worth keeping some healing powder in your toiletry bag.


       4. Black magic


Studies show that black tea may have anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to reduce inflammation could prove to be a source of relief for sunburnt skin.

You’ll need a bathtub, pitcher, water, facecloth, and three bags of black tea. Fill the pitcher with warm water and soak the tea bags in it until the water is almost pitch black. Don’t worry this magic potion isn’t supernatural or evil.

After stripping down to your birthday suit, soak a facecloth in the water and apply to the heated areas.


      5. Apple healing


An apple a day keeps the sunburn away! Or in this case a cup of apple cider vinegar…eeuw. It’s nasty but it will speed up the healing process. It maintains the skin’s pH levels which can help reduce peeling and blisters. Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic that helps the infected skin tissue to recover.

Forget about the bad smell and apply some to your sun roasted skin. You’re going to smell like a walking “slap chip” but it will reduce your pain!


       6. Yogurt squeezes


Yogurt’s yummy and you’d hate to waste a drop. Fear not, you won’t be wasting if you apply some of the dairy delight to your burns. Just grab a container of any flavour from your fridge and feel the sweet relief from the heat as you gently dab the cool diary to the affected areas.



       7. Witch Hazel spells


Witch hazel isn’t a potion made by witches who live in the woods. It’s basically just some liquid extracted from the hazel plant.

The extract contains essential oils and tannins that have been reported to reduce inflammation, draw skin tissue together for improved healing and fight free radicals. Once applied to burned skin, you’ll feel relieve from stings and itching.

You can buy witch hazel at Dischem or pharmacies in your local area.