Debunking “Dadvice”

Owning a car means taking care of it, but with so much misinformation out there, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Let's clear up some common myths about car maintenance that might have come from your dad's well-meaning advice. 😉


Myth 1: Dealerships Are the Only Option for Quality Repairs

Dad might say you need to go to the dealership for the best repairs, but that's not true. Independent car service centres (RMI-approved), also have skilled technicians and modern equipment.


Myth 2: DIY Repairs Are Always Cheaper

Sure, the internet is full of DIY repair tutorials, but not all car repairs should be done at home. Modern cars are complex, and without the right tools and knowledge, you could cause more harm than good. Trusting professionals ensures your vehicle is in capable hands, which save you from bigger repair bills later on.


Myth 3: Regular Maintenance is Unnecessary

Some believe regular maintenance is just a money grab. However, routine check-ups are vital for your car's health. Skipping oil changes, brake inspections, and fluid checks can lead to bigger, more expensive problems. Stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to keep it running smoothly and to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Myth 4: All Mechanics Are Out to Rip You Off

It’s a common belief that all mechanics are untrustworthy. But reputable car service centres focus on honesty and customer satisfaction. If you use a trustworthy workshop, you’ll get accurate diagnoses and fair prices.


Myth 5: New Cars Don’t Need Regular Servicing

New cars might have advanced features, but they still need regular servicing. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule helps to identify potential issues early, which keep your new car running well for years to come.


Myth 6: Certain Warning Lights Can Be Ignored

Ignoring any warning light is a bad idea. While some lights indicate minor issues, others signal serious problems that need immediate attention. Address warning lights promptly to prevent further damage and to ensure your safety.


Myth 7: All Fluids Are the Same

Using the wrong fluids can damage your car. Every vehicle has specific requirements, and using the wrong type of fluid can harm critical components.


It's clear that some of Dad’s advice is outdated. Automotive technology has changed a lot, and what might have been good advice years ago may no longer apply. So, while Dad might have been the go-to for all things cars, it’s always best to get the latest info from trusted professionals.