So, you’re on Tinder to find love or something a little more than friendship? Still, you often end up without a match, third-wheeling with couples or eating microwaved dinners for one. Hate to break it to you, but you need some TLC (Tinder Loving Care).

We have some brilliant tips to get those Tinder matches multiplying. No need to uninstall the dating app just yet.

After reading this, you’ll be the kings and queens of online dating.


The basics – how to Tinder

  • Download Tinder for Android or Apple
  • Open the dating app and register.
  • Add a great photo of yourself.
  • Tweak your settings – location, notifications, match range, etc.
  • Write a short and sweet bio about yourself. Add more photos.
  • Start looking at others’ profiles. Swipe right if you’re interested.
  • Wait for a match (when they swipe right on YOU) and start chatting…
  • Go on a coffee date in a safe, public place.
  • Viola! Love is blooming.



Try these 5 Tinder Tips!


  1. Firstly, get a bio, bro!


A Tinder profile without a bio is like a book without ink. It’s useless and unappealing. You need to approach your Tinder bio like you do your profile picture. Always look your best and take time to get it right. Write about the things you’re passionate about and express your personality. It might not seem sincere on a screen, but you stand a chance of meeting your match.


Tinder bio no-no’s

  • Always be respectful. Sure, they’re strangers, but it’s a small world…
  • Be yourself but represent yourself, too. You are looking for romance, after all.
  • Writing a long bio is a definite fail. Keep it short and sweet. Imagine it’s a tweet.
  • Don’t make spelling and grammar errors. It’ll make you seem less intelligent or attentive than you are.

OR just go with humour like this guy:

  1. Flaunt your face


Your face is your trademark. Nobody wants to date Casper the friendly ghost. You need a picture of your face and at least two other shots to get someone to swipe right. Keep the photos friendly and cut back on the filters. Narcissistic nitwits expose themselves in other ways, too; not so nice when we haven’t even met. Keep things sassy but classy.

Please note: Blurry and poorly-cropped images will kill your Tinder performance. Keep them fresh and in focus. If you feel awkward in front of the camera, take a selfie with your pup or kit cat – it’ll feel more natural and make you smile for real. You might even score some Superlikes.


Tinder Win

  1. Make the settings work for you


Okay, you’ve got the bio and pics right. What about your profile settings? Make sure the settings and notifications are on point, otherwise you’ll be wasting precious dating time.

To change your notifications, tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen, go to Settings and then to Notifications. To edit other settings, head into the Settings menu to choose your preferences. Select your gender, proximity to potential matches and partner’s preferred age range. You’ll need to allow the app to see your phone’s location.

From there you can pick which gender you’re after. You can even choose both if you feel like it.

Hint: If you want more setting options – download Tinder Gold for about R50 per month. You can control who sees you and undo swipes.


  1. Learn to speak the language of LOVE

Even if you’ve got an awesome bio on the chat app and your pics are good enough to feature on the cover of a magazine, if you suck at communicating, you might as well let the Tinder flame die.

Your chats need to spell LOVE.

L – Legit

You need to seem legit. That’s why the over-filtered pics and scripted bios are a no-go. Your messages need to flow freely and you want to express your personality accurately.  Would you (really) say something like, “Yass, you’re giving me the feels, but soz I need to bounce”?

O – Ongoing

Active users communicate daily. Conversations build trust. Try to think differently here. Opening with a winking face is out, and asking, “how are you?” is boring. If you want to open a chat with a question, rather go with something that’s buzzing on social media.

V – Vigilant

Watch out for fakes. You might be chatting to a catfish. Facebook-stalk your matches if you must. Look at their friends, location and recent posts. Real people, real possibility of a great date. Having fewer than 50 friends on Facebook isn’t normal. #justsaying

E – Entertaining

Use humour, GIFs and images when you exchange messages. Remember that there are hundreds of people on Tinder. You need to stand out from the hormonal mass.


  1. Your date awaits!


If you’ve mastered the art of the 4 points above, you’re on your way to a romantic dinner with a stranger. Although it’s not technically a blind date, it can be rather awkward since you’ve probably never met the person before. Relax, be yourself, and if all else fails, there’s always a new smile waiting for a right-swipe.



Your future husband/wife/life partner might be just a tap or two away. Go work your magic, Cupido!