The Most Effective Ways to Avoid a Higher Premium

Whether you’re cruising in a Volkswagen or a Ferrari, one thing's for sure: you need insurance. But let’s face it, premiums can be a drag. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with saving savvy tips to trim those costs without sacrificing coverage.


Choose Wisely

  • Your car model matters. High-end wheels mean high-end premiums. Opt for a vehicle with lower insurance costs to keep your premiums in check.
  • Sports cars may be thrilling, but they come with a hefty price tag, in more ways than one. Swap the speedster for a more practical ride to cut costs.
  • Believe it or not, your car’s colour could sometimes impact your premium. Flashy red might turn heads, but it could also inflate repair costs. Stick to standard hues to keep premiums down.
  • Stability counts. Some insurers favour brands with accessible service centres and readily available parts. Choose a brand with a solid reputation to avoid premium hikes.


Regular Updates

  • Don’t set it and forget it. Regularly review your policy with your insurer. Changes in your circumstances could mean savings on your premium.
  • Did you score secure parking or start using alternative transportation? Let your insurer know. Reduced risk means reduced premiums.
  • Keep an eye on your policy and make adjustments when needed. Changes in your life or driving habits could mean big savings.


Better Driver, Better Premium

  • It’s simple math. Less time on the road equals less risk. Explore carpooling or public transit options to lower your premium.
  • Level up your driving game with an advanced driving course.
  • Your driving record and license type can impact your premiums. Maintain a clean record and consider upgrading your license for potential savings.
  • The longer you’re insured, the better. Establishing a solid insurance history can lead to lower premiums over time.
  • Let your driving habits work for you – offers a rewards programme based on your driving behaviour, with no compromises on coverage required!
  • Invest in security features such as alarms and immobilisers to deter thieves. Parking in a safe area can also reduce your risk, and your premium.


Remember, a little effort now can lead to big savings down the line. Happy driving – and saving!