Temperatures are dropping and coffee is overflowing. You’re switching from tank tops to sweaters and your pooches are tempted to dive into the blankets with you. Winter isn’t coming, it has already arrived! Are you prepared for the shivers and teeth chattering chills?

You might be ready to kick the cold to the curb, but what about your fur-kids? Sure, they’ve got coats to protect them from the cold, but they still need a little extra TLC.

Here are 10 ways you can help your barking bud beat the cold this winter season:


  1. Limit outdoor playtime

Make sure that you limit playtime to 30 minutes at a time. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t spend too much time out in the cold.


  1. Go on shorter walks

Make sure your pooch gets enough exercise, but limit walks to 15 minutes each. Rather walk with your pup twice a day (mornings and early evenings).


  1. Keep an eye on your doggo.

If your dog is showing signs of shivering, whining or trembling, heat them up with a fuzzy blanky or jersey.


  1. Don’t shave your dog!

Your hound is lucky enough to have a natural permanent jersey to keep him/her warm during icy days. Don’t remove their natural fur for aesthetic reasons.


  1. Wipe their paws

The freezing weather outside can make your pup’s paws wet and cold. Wipe Bailey’s paws with a dry towel before he enters the house. It’s won’t only help your pooch out, but also your floors and fancy furniture. Muddy dog paws can ruin your stylish beige sofa.


  1. Keep their tummies full

Dogs burn more calories during chilly days. Make sure they are well fed this winter.


  1. Let sleeping dogs lie

If your four-legged friend wants to snooze more, don’t force him to stand up. The winter weather steals energy and makes your poor bud feel tired. Don’t be jelly because your fur-friend gets to sleep in and you don’t. Let him drift off to dreamland.


  1. Grab an extra blanky

Grab a warm fuzzy blanket and put it in your dog’s bed. Make sure there is also a warm blanky on his favourite spot on the floor. Tiles and wooden floors can be chilly.


  1. Keep a first aid kit handy

Pets can injure themselves on wet surfaces. Keep bandages, antibiotic ointment and medication for accidents in a safe place in your home.

Also, keep the following in your first aid kit:


-Non-alcoholic ear cleanser

-Vitamin supplements (especially vitamin C to fight flu)

-Aloe Vera cream for bruises

– Hydrogen Peroxide (For toxic indigestion)

– Gauze, Scissors, Tape, Rubber Gloves

– Vaccination & Medical Records


  1. Buy a comfy jersey

If your dog’s fur isn’t thick enough, make sure you give him a comfy jersey. Make sure that the jersey isn’t too tight (especially around the neck, legs tummy) or too loose.

Use the above tips and heat up winter with a little extra love and attention. Your pup will thank you for it by giving you endless snuggles and face-licks.

Share your warmth this winter!