Camping is supposed to be a fun activity. It shouldn’t feel like you’ve been thrown out of your comfortable bed into an inflatable nightmare. You and nature should unite and be a tranquil force capable of handling the obstacles your tent tosses at you.

Struggling to stay calm during camping? Don’t tie your sleeping bags in a knot-We’ve got your back with these 10 camping hacks:


1. Tea isn’t just for drinking…


You can light your bonfire with teabags!

Every time you sip a cup of tea, throw the used teabags in a bowl and allow them to dry. Once you’ve collected your teabags, soak them in paraffin or saturate them with melted candle wax. Once they have absorbed the paraffin, or the wax has cooled down, seal them in a container and you’re ready for a legendary campfire.

Not a tea drinker? No problem! You can also turn a normal packet of Doritos into dancing flames. No skill needed here. Just gooi it on.


2. Bugger off Bloodsuckers!


Tired of mosquitos bugging around with your tranquillity? Don’t worry we’ve got something they won’t buzz about.


Simply add bundles of sage to your campfire to keep the mosquitos away from your red liquids. The strong fragrance of sage repels the noisy flyers.


3. Don’t be silly, wrap that… meat!


One beer too many can turn your meat into charcoal. Which will force you to go vegetarian for the night. Wrap your beef/chicken or pork in cabbage to stop it from burning. The moistness of the cabbage creates the perfect barrier against the radiant coals.


4. Make breakfast with your bonnet-WTFudge


If you’ve run out of matches or would like an environmentally friendly morning. Make sure the weather is hot and your car’s bonnet has been in the sun for at least 2 hours. Clean the bonnet well, crack an egg on it and fry.


Please Note: This attempt might fail due to bad weather conditions or impatience.


5. Keep your tent room temperature


Tired of waking up in a sauna? Use an emergency blanket to cover your tent. The blanket’s silver coating will reflect the sunlight and keep your tent protected from its blazing rays. You’ll get more sleep and feel less cranky when you wake up to nature’s face.


6. Don’t get carried away by ants!


Ants can be a real pain in the bottom. Even if you eat at a table, they can quickly crawl up the table legs and become a pest.

A good way of combating this is to put a small tray of water under each table leg. The ants won’t be able to navigate the water and will leave you to worry about the bees instead.


7. You don’t have to skip the morning brew


Coffee is the fuel to our mornings. We can’t start our early hikes without it’s comforting aroma.

Make a cup of caffeine while camping by placing a scoop into a coffee filter and tie it up with dental floss. When you want to make coffee – use like you would a tea bag. For best results boil over the fire/gas cooker for a while.


 8. Sleep like a log


If snuggling up to a bottle of hot water goes against your better judgment, try some dry clothes instead. They will soak up any moisture in the bottom of your sleeping bag and keep your freezing feet warm.


9. A little lube goes a long way


Keep your zippers zippy by applying a little bit of candle wax from a very un-lit candle.


  • Natural selfies are the BEST!

Want to experience life from a stick’s perspective? Attach your GoPro to a stick! It’s free and super convenient.


Happy camping!