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First and foremost, we want to thank you and your practice for providing exceptional care for all furry family members. We're South Africa's leading pet insurance provider*, you could say we're leading the pack when it comes to protecting. Helps pets - all pets - is core of our mission

3 Reasons to Partner with dotsure.co.za

Purr-fect Payouts Guaranteed

For every 5 referrals you send to us, we'll send you a R250 Woolworths voucher or load R250 onto your prepaid debit card. You can swipe at all stores that accept MasterCard or withdraw cash at any ATM in SA! Treat yourself, your four-legged best friend or a cause close to your heart.

Super Simple Referral Submissions

Sending us a referral is easy! All you need to do is visit www.dotsure.co.za/vet and type in the client's details. That's it, you're done. More traditional in your ways? You can fill in a referral form or forward the client's details to us via WhatsApp or email.

Improved Claims Process

Admin is 'ruff', we got it. That's why we've improved our claims process. You no longer need to complete a form for routine care claims. Best of all, with dotsure.co.za, the client is wholly responsible for payment and we reimburse them directly (based on details of their policy). Plain and simple.

Ready to Join our Pack?

Have we got your tail wagging? Great! Participation is easy and you can start immediately by sending us your first referral.

Got Questions?

That's cool. We're ready to work like a dog to make this relationship a success. You can contact us on 082 920 2565

*As rated on HelloPeter.com at time of printing.


How do I submit referrals to you?

Simply send us the client's details (i.e. name, surname, contact number and email address). How, you ask? That's up to you:

By SMS/WhatsApp

Send an SMS or WhatsApp to one of our reps.

Online Form

Type in the client's details at www.dotsure.co.za/vet

By Email

Send us an email at vet@dotsure.co.za

Referral Form

Fill in the dotsure.co.za referral form that was provided to you. We'll be sure to send a rep to collect the completed forms from you on a regular basis. Alternatively, send us a snapshot of it.

How do I register for prepaid debit card?

Visit www.dotsure.co.za/vet you'll need to complete a very short registration form and upload a copy of your ID (it's a FICA requirement to issue the prepaid debit card).

Who are the reps and how do I contact them?

Eric Wild

072 255 9312

Brandon Smit

084 533 2433

Lauren Wollner

082 920 2565

Unsure who your immediate rep is? Or perhaps you need urgent assistance?

Lauren Wollner is your go-to gal

we create fans, not policy holders

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