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December 8, 2017

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What’s a getaway without wake-up face-licks from your pooches? What’s a new city without a cuddle from your furry felines? It’s, well, incomplete. Your pets are part of the fam and without them, a piece of the puzzle is missing.  Can we have the Jan Pierewiet tune from the Parrots, please? Announcing…


…first-class flight treatment for your pets!


Complete the family puzzle and book them in at a BidAir Cargo Pet Lounge to embark on a relaxing flight “together”. You’ll receive a 15 % discount on your pet air travel costs if you’re a dotsure.co.za Pet Insurance client. All you need to receive the discount is an up-to-date pet policy schedule. Call dotsure.co.za on 0861 dotsure (368 7873) or email u2us@dotsure.co.za for an updated schedule. Sounds like a tail-wagging deal, right?


More about the BidAir Cargo Pet Lounge


The BidAir Cargo Pet Lounge is a safe and comfortable airport lounge especially for pets traveling between Johannesburg, Lanseria, Cape Town, Durban and George airports. The VIP (Very Important Pet) lounge makes the check-in process quicker and easier (so your separation is shorter) and that your furry/feathery family members arrive safely at your destination.


Behold! Pets will be perfectly comfortable in the forward hold during the flight.  It’s monitored and it’s the same temperature as your cabin. Your animal-kiddies will be more than fine in their special pet-partment which is secured into the hold, the way you are in your seat. You are, right?


Curious? See for yourself. Watch this BidAir Cargo Pet Lounge video to see how it works.



Try it for yourself!


Safe travels, fur-kids!


  • https://www.petlounge.co.za/


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