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DYK: with dotsure.co.za you can cover your portable goods without having household insurance?

May 2, 2019

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Do you have a fancy new MacBook or perhaps some bling on your finger which you can’t afford to misplace or worse, lose due to another set of sticky fingers? Maybe you should consider portable possessions cover.

dotsure.co.za offers portable possessions cover without the hassle of taking out household insurance first. Anyone can cover their new watch, laptop, cool shades, camera or anything portable that would usually cost a small fortune to replace.


More about Portable Possessions Cover…


Portable Possessions insurance (also known as All Risks insurance) provides cover for both specified and unspecified items that you carry on you which may experience a loss or be damaged.


What’s covered?


Unspecified items

Accidental loss or damage to insured jewellery, clothing and personal items that the insured or their family members who live with them usually wear or carry inside or outside the house.

Cover limit: R10,000 with a maximum of R2,500 per item.


Specified items

This refers to personal items worth more than R2,500. So, you can’t insure your costume jewellery or old Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Items like the following can be insured:

  • Expensive branded sunglasses, like those Ray-Bans in your cubbyhole.
  • Bicycles used for personal or leisure purposes.
  • Non-racing wheelchairs and their accessories.
  • Cameras and equipment.
  • Hearing aids.
  • All types of computers (laptops, tablets, external hard drives and portable games).
  • Sports equipment, like that fancy golf club signed by Ernie Els.
  • Cellular phones.

Cover limit: R1,000,000 with a maximum of R250,000 per item.


Protect your valuables today with awesome cover from dotsure.co.za! Stress less and enjoy the things you worked so hard for. Call us on 0861 dotsure (3687873) to get cover for your portable possessions today.



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