1. Any dotsure.co.za employee may enter this competition by referring a lead(s) as prescribed in the competition mailers and on condition that the lead(s) is qualified by the Business Direct Team.
  2. Any dotsure.co.za employee who refers a business lead via any other means, will not be entered into this competition.
  3. This entire competition will start on 1 July 2021 and end on 31 December 2021.
  4. Each month’s entries will be judged based on referrals submitted from the 1st until the last day of the particular month.
  5. The winner and runner-up for a particular month will be announced before the 10th day of each new month.
  6. The prizes will be awarded monthly for the duration of the competition and will consist of:
    • A R500 cash prize to the employee who referred the most qualified leads for any particular month during the competition period;
    • A biltong hamper to the runner-up for any particular month during the competition period.
  7. If you win during one month, you will still be eligible to win again in the next month’s competition.
  8. There is no automatic prize for referring a lead.
  9. The prize is non-transferable and there is no other alternative.
  10. Fraudulent and duplicate entries will not be allowed. dotsure.co.za reserves the right to disregard these entries.
  11. We will respond to any questions or queries about the competition via elizabethp@dotsure.co.za.
  12. By accepting the terms and conditions, all participants hereby consent thereto that, should they be selected as the winners, they allow dotsure.co.za to publish their first name on all dotsure.co.za’s social accounts.
  13. The limit to financial rewarding and gifts cannot exceed more than R 1,000 to any one employee per year.

Dotsure Limited (Registration number 2006/000723/06) is a licensed non-life insurer and authorised financial services provider (FSP39925).