Bakkies, pickups, utility vehicles, call them what you will, South Africans love them. There’s just something about the rugged body, giant wheels and purring engine that drives people crazy.

It’s strange though that the media likes to reserve the right of driving these macho machines for men. Right? Well we think more women should drive bakkies, and here’s why:


  1. It’s convenient

Driving a bakkie means more convenience and control! You can go wherever you want to go. Shallow rivers, rocks and mud won’t stand between you and your desired destination. Your bakkie is built for the extreme.


  1. You are independent

You don’t have to rely on anybody else. You can pull yourself out of the mud and conquer mountains. You can be an independent 21st Century woman.


  1. Make some moola

If you transport furniture, drive a taxi or help someone out of a stuck in the mud kind of situation, you can earn some cold hard cash. You can even use your entrepreneurial skills to start a small removals service. Hmm… easy money!

Hint: Remember to let your insurer know, if you’re using your bakkie for business purposes. It might influence your premium.


  1. Camp like a champ

We all need a break from the cities hustle and bustle every now and again. Camping trips or music and arts festivals are awesome weekend getaways, but they require some gear. No problem for you and your four-wheeled friend. Just squeeze it all in under the canopy and off you go! No need for trailers and limited legroom while road tripping to your camping site. Bye bye pins and needles!


  1. Transport your doggies

Travelling and don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home? No worries, your dog can sit comfortably at the back of your bakkie. You can even take the dog bed with you if you are planning to stay somewhere for the night.

Hint: If you have a canopy, just remember to open some windows slightly for ventilation.


I’m sold! Which bakkie do I buy?

There are many options. For the sake of keeping this article down to a reasonable, readable length, we narrowed it down to our 3 favourites in different price categories:


The New Toyota Hilux


The new Toyota Hilux is bold, modern and the toughest 2.7-liter piece of machinery on 4 wheels. The base is extended and there is enough space for the whole family (even the fur kids). You can drive around in style and experience true comfort. The Hilux even has a few fancy extras like USB, Bluetooth, rear camera, Trailer Sway and Cruise Control.


The price (Double Cab): R422 700

Check out more specs here: Toyota Hilux specs


Isuzu Double Cab


The Isuzu KB Double Cab is elegant and tough. The fuel efficient 2.5-litre engine makes the Isuzu is a great buy. The bakkie has Touch-screen Satellite Navigation, Reverse camera, Bluetooth and Cruise Control.  The bakkie is also big enough for your whole family.


The price (Double Cab): R365 000

Check out more specs here: Isuzu Double Cab


Chevrolet Corsa Utility


If you are looking for a smaller and less expensive bakkie, this one is for you.

The Chevrolet Utility is fun and suitable for those nasty potholes and dusty farm roads. The 1.8 Club version can haul 733kg worth of cargo. The bakkie has Bluetooth/USB/iPod audio and a digital air conditioning unit.


The price: R161 200

Check out more specs here: Chevrolet Utility  


We hope you and your bakkie make some magical memories together.

Hint: If you truly love your 4-wheel baby-Get a quick, super convenient online car insurance quote now!

Safe travels!


A fall road lined with trees with red and orange leaves in King City