According to Murphy: everything that can go wrong… will go wrong! That’s his first and favourite Law! And when it comes to Murphy, no one is above the Law!

Murphy is the guy who wakes up, twiddles his thumbs, and thinks to himself: how can I ruin somebody’s day today? Think about it in this way: washing your car to bring rain during what you consider a drought will never bring the rain! But the minute you wash your car to feel good about yourself and drive around town showing off your ride in all its glory, it will definitely rain on your parade. That’s Murphy’s Law!


Did Murphy even go to law school?

He’s never set foot in law school, but somehow, they let him make the law. He calls them laws, but they are really more like “COME ON!” moments. Those moments that just sap your joy and the only thing you can say is: ‘oh, come on!’. We don’t know who skipped town and left Murphy in charge, but our MotorXtender Car Warranty can help you dodge the lousy luck and stay on the right side of Murphy’s Law.


Murphy’s Law #8: when running late, better keep running because: flat tire.


Murphy’s Law #10: Mom and Dad have no chill and WILL kill your vibe.

Just when you think you’ve escaped Murphy’s wrath after a long day of avoiding accidents and near misses on the road… just as you sink into your much needed bubble bath with something red in your glass and something good to read… just as the weight of the world slowly wanes off your shoulders and your happy place shines brightly before your eyes… there goes your doorbell! Mom and Dad are at the door, because Murphy always finds a way to ruin your day.


Murphy’s Law #21: bad things happen to good people.

Your car’s service history is up to date, your tank is full, and you’re ready to hit the long and winding road to the getaway of a lifetime. The weather is sunny, the kids can’t wait to get going, and just as you join the freeway, smoke slowly snakes up from beneath the bonnet of your car, and the check-engine-light tells you, you need to check your engine! Then it hits you – your manufacturer’s car warranty has just ended. At this point, you’ll probably be able to hear Murphy laughing his socks off somewhere in the distance!


Don’t give Murphy the Satisfaction.

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