Ag no, another product related post… Oh well, let’s see what these fools have to say about their Pet Insurance


What exactly is it that makes our Pet Insurance so damn special? Pet Insurance was created by animal lovers, for animal lovers. We have worked closely with a number of practicing veterinarians, as well as real pet lovers and breeders alike in order to develop what we truly believe is not only South Africa’s best pet insurance product, but one that is right up there with the very best available on our planet.


What is Pet Medical Insurance and why do YOU need it?

Accidents happen right? Sometimes animals eat/sniff/lick things they simply shouldn’t. Is your little guy the curious type? Well, now curiosity doesn’t necessarily have to kill the cat. Once bitten doesn’t necessarily have to mean “twice shy” anymore. Pet insurance covers you and your pack of probing pets against the cost of emergency veterinary action for accidents. It enables your pets to live the full, care free lives that they were born to live.


What do we cover and what does it cost?

  • Simply put, we cover any medical emergency.
  • We have a range of plans to suit your budget and you can even Name Your Price
  • Currently we insure dogs and cats BUT watch this space – our exotic pet product coming soon!
  • Pet lovers never just have one pet, as such, we discount your premium for insuring multiple pets… Now even Stoffel can have cover. Shame, Stoffel…
  • Third party liability is included in every policy…no need to worry about hospital bills when Killer, your Chihuahua, lets rip.
  • No waiting period for accidents – We understand that accidents can happen at any time. That’s exactly the reason you need insurance. Accidental cover from day 1.
  • No microchips required – No microchip, no problem. We don’t insure robots anyways. This is pet insurance… For pets!
  • Our world class Superior Plan is fit for even the most pampered of pets, offering incomparable wellness benefits such as vaccination, deworming cover as well as cover for hereditary conditions.


Well? Aren’t you glad you read that?  Visit today to quote and buy online if you haven’t already done so. Pet Insurance  .  World Class Pet Insurance  .  Customized to fit your budget