From when you’ll get married based on your breakfast order to what your choice in Marvel characters says about your work ethic, there are all sorts of personality tests online. However, have you ever thought about what your driving habits might say about you? Commuting is such a big part of many people’s lives, so it’s not unlikely that some of your on-road behaviour might also apply off-road.

While we’re in no way licenced psychologists (or even Buzzfeed quiz creators), we’ve compiled some interesting theories below about how your driving style might reveal your true personality:


The speed demon

Whether they’re chronically late or secretly enjoy the thrill of dodging speed traps, this driver prefers life in the fast lane. While they’re clearly adventurous and determined to make the most of their time, be warned that it could indicate a lack of respect for others and a sense of entitlement.

What’s more, in case you haven’t heard, speeding is very dangerous. If this is you, practice slowing down and obeying the limits – you’ll make the roads safer for both yourself and others. And remember: that time you saved by speeding won’t do you any good if you end up serving time, or worse.


The cautious Cathy

Also known as the classic Sunday snail, this driver more than just obeys the speed limit – they overcorrect by driving under it! This could indicate a relaxed approach to life, with a love of leisurely walks, long books, and lazy afternoons spent chilling out. However, this style could also belong to the risk-averse: those too frightened of something going wrong to live life to the fullest.

Ironically, driving too slowly is also dangerous, as it disrupts traffic flow, possibly resulting in confusion and build-ups. If this feels like you, try to keep up with traffic and stick to the speed limit – and don’t be afraid to do something adventurous (off-road, of course) every once in a while, like sky-diving or dancing in the rain!


The rude dude

Ah yes, the driver that’s too cool for etiquette school. These drivers will hog the road, honk incessantly, and perhaps even throw some choice finger signs at other cars when things don’t go their way. We won’t speculate too much on this one… Hey, maybe they’re lovely people in real life – they just keep their aggression for the road.

While the above behaviour isn’t as dangerous as the previously mentioned types, it does lead to annoyance in a situation that can already be stressful for others, such as long commutes or traffic jams. If this is you, try finding more healthy ways to vent your frustration off-road – like going for a jog or doing a sprint around the block.

Whether your driving style really reflects your personality is up for debate. A more concrete fact, however, is that reckless driving leads to accidents, damages, and claims. For a more accurate assessment of your driving habits (if not your personality), offers a unique Smart Driver programme. A Smart-Box is installed in insured vehicles and should indicate patterns of reckless road behaviour, helping you to improve your driving and even receive rewards!*


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