The holidays are around the corner, and you’re just itching to get behind the wheel and on the road for a long-awaited road trip. But, before relaxation comes preparation. And while you might have your route, accommodation, and snacks all planned out, it’s also important to check certain elements of your car. This not only ensures safety for you and your passengers, but also for other drivers on the road. Plus, peace of mind leads to an easy drive!

Here’s what to check in your car before you go on that trip.

Check the fluids

Always pop the bonnet before you leave – if something is up with your fluids, you’ll be lucky to get out of the driveway! While the most important is oil, make sure to also check your coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power-steering fluid, and radiator fluid as well. If your levels are low or you suspect a leak, rather get it sorted before you hit the road.

Check your wheels and tyres

Tyres need to be in top shape for road trips – especially if you’re driving for long distances. Check for damage, air pressure, and rotation – and be sure to keep a spare one in your boot, just in case.

Check your brakes and clutch

As you can imagine, driving with a faulty brake system is a recipe for disaster. Check your brake pads while the car is not moving, but also take a look at whether your vehicle reacts properly to braking while driving. If not, get it fixed by a reputable mechanic ASAP – you don’t want to find out your brakes don’t work the hard way!

Check your car insurance

While the last thing you want to think about on holiday is car insurance, an unfortunate mishap like an accident can derail much more than just your road trip. With proper insurance in place, you can enjoy your vacation with the knowledge that you and your vehicle are protected.

If you’re covered by, we can help you save on the costs of repair and replacements. We’ll even deal with the Road Accident Fund on your behalf, as well as taking care of other hassles, like vehicle towing, repairs, and replacements – allowing you to get back to your vacation faster!

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