We know Mother Nature has outbursts once in a while – in some areas more so than others. When last did you see hail the size of golf balls plunging from the sky? If the answer is “never before” or “ages ago”, read on…

At dotsure.co.za, we believe that insurance shouldn’t be a gamble when it comes to your hard-earned money. That’s why we’re on a mission to bring you flexible cover you can afford. We’ve shared a series of articles recently on the subject of saving with Name Your Price™ (NYP) car insurance. In this edition, we have a closer look at the sixth major way that you can save on your monthly premium.

If you don’t live in a hailstorm hotspot or you don’t often travel to areas which are, you may ask why you end up paying for cover resulting from hail damage to your insured vehicle. With dotsure.co.za Name Your Price™, you may choose to activate the hail cover limitation on your policy. This means more cash in hand to put away for an otherwise ‘haily’ day. 😉


Where are the hail hotspots in SA?

South Africa Online identifies certain hailstorm hotspots in the country. These areas have a much higher hailstorm frequency than the surrounding areas. The Misgund area in the Langkloof Valley as well as the “southern slopes of the Winterberg Mountains in the Eastern Cape from north of Somerset East to north of Fort Beaufort” are hail hotspots. Other areas that receive frequent hailstorms include the Drakensberg mountains, parts of KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and parts of Gauteng. During hail season hailstones the size of golf balls can be expected in some of the hotspot areas.


How you save on your premium

With dotsure.co.za Name Your Price™ car insurance, you can lower your premium by selecting the hail cover limitation on your policy. You pay less for driving in areas not often plagued by hailstorms, because you’re less at risk of needing cover for hail damage to your car. Just bear in mind that with the hailstorm cover limitation applied to your policy, you won’t be able to claim for hail damage to your insured car. You can always add hail cover to your policy again when things change (e.g. you move or start to work in a hail hotspot) – simply make the update to your policy via the dotsure.co.za Manage Portal.


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