“Bias is a terrible thing, unless it’s an 8 series, then I’m in.”

Not exactly the kind of statement you’d expect from a mother of 3, is it? There are many myths about women and cars. In a bid to address limited thinking (and punt limited seats), we invite you to take a look at what we’ve dubbed “sports cars for moms”. We know we have lady readers who love to be behind the wheel almost as much as they love their little ones. And, why shouldn’t it be a sports car? We think that safe and sexy go together really well, and sports cars are even more attractive in the hands of a lady who knows what she likes. We’ve pitted myths against actual models and then explained the appeal. See if it gets your engine revving…


“Moms only care about function” versus the BMW 8 Series Coupe


The 8 series DNA blends sensuality and safety with powerful engineering and gorgeous design. It’s a long and smooth coupe with more curves than a mountain pass and comes in a stunning burnt orange metallic finish (or Barcelona Blue if you go for the M Sport package). It sits low on the road and purrs like a pussycat, is strong, fast and takes sexy as seriously as you take your role as the (flashy) driver of the family.

  • 0 – 100km/hr in 3,7 seconds
  • V8 engine
  • 750 Nm of torque

Useful for: admiring glances at the four-way stop, getting Milly to the doctor really quickly.


“Moms just want a station wagon” versus the BMW Z4 Roadster


Like a pregnant belly, it’s bigger inside than its predecessor, the Z4. This two-seater convertible is great for the strong, single mom-of-one. It comes with uber-useful driver assistance pre-sets like Pedestrian Warning and City Braking to take the stress out of everyday situations so you can concentrate on helping your toddler with that tantrum. And, yes, you can fit all your budding Olympian’s sports kits without losing leg room. Your date might have to follow on a motorcycle, though. 😉

  • 281 litres of storage space
  • The roof closes in 10 seconds

Useful for: making a statement in the supermarket parking lot, making quick tracks from one Saturday morning kids’ party to the next.


“Moms don’t “get” car specs, let alone gear sticks” versus the BMW 3 series


Specs, in fact, make a mother’s world go round. From baby to big, sleeping schedules to school runs, moms are on it. Which is why they might appreciate the 3 series, a sporty sedan that simplifies (driving) life with a long list of high-end specs that have become the norm in this model. Besides being stupendously powerful and incredibly stable, it offers you the choice of a Driving Assistant Professional. If it’s on, and if your hands leave the steering wheel for a split-second too long, the car assumes you are indisposed and slows to a stop. The reversing assistant remembers every step that got you into a parking space and then reverses them to get you out easily.

  • “Hey BMW” voice command (the Siri of the 3 series)
  • 400 Nm of torque


Useful for: graceful, hassle-free exits out of any parking bay, fitting the entire classical club quintet when it’s your turn for lift club.

Now, if only cars came with a built-in barista to get you a latte after the all-nighter you just pulled with your teething baby. #GoMom