NEWSFLASH: The internet surrenders to the adorable tricks of a skilful shelter cat.


If you’ve ever known a particularly clever cat, this story won’t surprise you. Quilty, a Texan kitty, recently stole the internet’s heart.

“Houston, we have a problem”.

These famous words from Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 could just as easily describe the intelligent antics of Quilty. His ‘su-purrr’ power abilities gained universal appeal when they went viral recently. The problem? All the online attention this cat received meant he had too MANY adoption offers!

He became famous for repeatedly escaping from a section of the Houston City Animal Shelter he was housed in. Using his feline smarts, he figured out how to get out, letting other kitties out as well. This happened repeatedly and caused so much havoc that the shelter’s staff gave him private quarters to mitigate the madness.  He still wasn’t satisfied, and when the security footage hit the internet, the story went viral with a caption to “free Quilty”, expressing the sentiment behind his “plight”. His mischievous manoeuvres on the viral footage had his adoption offers streaming in. The world was this kitty’s oyster! It also resulted in much-needed positive exposure for his fellow ‘purr-tners in crime’ (with less intrepid paws and claws), who were also awaiting adoption.

Congrats on your new ‘fur-ever’ home, Quilty, and thanks for inspiring people everywhere to #AdoptDontShop. We’re sure you’ll keep your new family all on their toes and go down in online history as the kitty that whisked us all away with his Houdini-like charm.


Take a thread out of the Quilty story

If you, too, want a cute, clever ‘purry’ friend that will melt your heart, contact the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) to adopt.