WARNING: The following article contains imagery that may upset sensitive viewers. 


Dog fighting is a terrible blood-hungry sport, which is one of the most horrific forms of animal cruelty. Dogs are trained to be aggressive and to fight until they’re beaten and broken to death. It’s up to us as an animal-loving community to help the broken pets get back on their paws and to stop dog fighting from destroying the lives of innocent animals.

We received some very disturbing news earlier this week from one of our dotsure.co.za family members. An organisation by the name of Dead Animals Walking (DAW), who amongst other awesome initiatives, run a sterilization campaign, received a tip off about dog fighting activity in the area as they were rounding up their sterilizations. They immediately rushed to the scene and found a skeleton of a doggie, in pieces, who they decided to name Otis.

Otis, which means wealthy, was used as bait for Pit bull fighting. As a result of the horrific brutalities, Otis hasn’t eaten properly in a long time and, he’s suffering from severe injuries including a broken leg, torn open abdomen, puncture wounds and broken teeth. Poor Otis is currently only flesh and bone which is a truly heart-breaking sight ☹.



After Otis was rescued, he was rushed to the Tygerberg Animal Hospital, where he was stabilized and given pain medication as he was in too much shock for immediate surgery. Although the surgery will be costly, a spokesperson from DAW says “I know for a fact I will have people going at me for making the decision to save this dog’s life because of the cost involved but I was not put on this earth to rescue animals and give them the ability to have a second chance in life only if I have to put them down”. #respect


Otis’ road to recovery

Otis’s vet estimated that treatment, surgery and X-rays for this pup’s recovery would cost between R5,000 and R6,000. After treatment and loads of TLC, Otis can live a long and happy life with the family of his dreams.


We’re behind you little Otis and dotsure.co.za will definitely be rooting for you all the way!


Please help Otis get back on his paws and make his tail wag again for good. As a family, let’s rally together and support DAW, who says, “We beg you to help us, ‘pawlease’ because this is what we are made for, this is what we stand for.”




Donations can be made directly to the vet, to DAW or other payment portals indicated below:


Dead Animals Walking (DAW)

BANK: FNB Cheque

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62558850634

BRANCH: 250655

REF: Otis


Please email proof to info@deadanimalswalking.co.za. Include your contact details so you can be thanked afterwards for your ‘suppawt’ and generous heart.


Tygerberg Animal Hospital


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 908 615 7226

REF: 112458/DAW


Please ensure you use the above reference number in order for the funds to be allocated to DAW and kindly email proof to info@deadanimalswalking.co.za. Also include your contact details for a thanks and ‘(p)update’.


PayFast: https://www.payfast.co.za/donate/go/deadanimalswalking


Thank you for giving Otis a second chance at life!