Did you know? Since the launch of The Bachelor SA, dotsure.co.za – the show’s main sponsor and your favourite online insurance brand – has been even busier spreading love to pets across the land. Here are 3 ways we’re giving back (with your help):


  1. dotsure.co.za is feeding the furries (with your help)


For the duration of the show, each new dotsure.co.za pet cover policy, bought online, feeds a pet for a month. So far, we’ve put yummy in the tummies of 397 hungry ones awaiting adoption at the Animal Anti-cruelty League (AACL)! We’ll continue doing so for the remainder of the campaign, so spread the news and help us feed more hungry pets.


  1. dotsure.co.za is helping find homes for our four-legged friends (with your help)


Every episode, dotsure.co.za also features a different and delightful pet awaiting adoption. When they’re not on your screen stealing your heart, our pet bachelor/ettes are enjoying their safe, temporary stay at the AACL, our partner in this project. So far, the AACL has matched 3 pets to loving humans who applied. 4 Pets who have already featured on the dotsure.co.za website, together with 6 others who still need to be revealed, are still waiting for a loving companion like you.


Here are the 4 featured fur-tastic pets:


  1. Pet Bachelorette #1


She’s a sweet 5-year-old Collie girl who’ll make the perfect family dog. This gorgeous lady loves attention from tiny humans and belly rubs. All she needs is love (and yummy treats).



     2. Pet Bachelor #2


He’s a young 1-year-old Labrador lad looking for players to join him in a match of doggy tennis. This handsome boy can toss a ball like Federer. If you’re willing to be his lifelong teammate and you love sports, you’re the winner of this heart.



    3. Pet Bachelorette #3


She’s a 3-year old kitty with soft fur and beautiful eyes that would make you green with envy. She’s playful, loving and ready for some royal treatment from a loving catlady/man.



     4. Pet Bachelorette #4


She’s a special 2-year-old mixed breed “brakkie” with lots of love to give. This pretty girl will grab your hand with both paws to beg for affection. Actions speak louder than barks for this cutie.



You can apply to adopt the other beautiful pet bachelors and bachelorettes by emailing your details to Lise-Mari@dotsure.co.za. We’ll send your details to the AACL and they’ll get in touch with you.


“These animals have been abandoned and/or abused and they need homes filled with love” – Kerry, a contestant on The Bachelor SA.


  1. dotsure.co.za is also helping pets find NAMES (with your help, and you could win)


The pets up for adoption need more than a safe, loving home with humans; they each need a new name! So dotsure.co.za is inviting you to Name Your Pet😊 (and stand a chance to win R5,000!). This competition is open to everyone, and all it costs is a little imagination. Suggest a name to us and you might be rolling in it. Money, that is. Click/tap to enter.

So, you see, no matter who wins in The Bachelor SA, everyone (and her dog) wins with dotsure.co.za!


Are you going to give love a second chance?

If you need a lot of love in your life, Sandy has a tip for you. “A pet can truly give you unconditional love,” says the show’s sparkling contestant. “Whether you’re having a good or bad day, they’re the one constant in your life.”


How you can help:

  • Apply to adopt this week’s pet bachelorette here.
  • Feed a puppy by asking friends to quote and buy a dotsure.co.za pet cover policy online.