If, like many pet lovers, your love for our furry, feathery friends is so great that it’s spilling out of your new, dog-petting, cat-cuddling, parrot-loving home office and into the streets you’re not allowed to walk in during lockdown, we have a way for you to do even more to care for creatures tame and wild. Would you believe that your beauty routine could promote animal welfare? It’s all about the consumer choices you make.

Yep, beauty products, being full of wonderful ingredients to bring out your inner glow, can come with a caveat. They may, at some point in their production, have involved animals. Choosing cruelty-free brands is one way to prevent animal cruelty.

First, let’s be clear on what cruelty-free means. After all, a blusher may not be tested on animals but could contain animal products.

The distinction is important because, as Refinery29 warns, “there are multiple labelling systems, along with a bevy of carefully-worded brand statements against animal testing that actually allow for the practice in some instances.”

“Cruelty-free makeup brands are companies who do not test their cosmetics or ingredients on animals,” cites Green Matters, “and do not outsource any animal testing to third parties.”

If a product has no animal ingredients, is not tested on animals AND is not sold in countries that require their own, local testing on animals, it is labelled “vegan”.

“For a cosmetic product to be vegetarian, it must not contain any animal part, but it can contain ingredients that are animal bi-products, or produced by an animal. For example, a beauty product that contains beeswax is vegetarian but not vegan.”, states Cruelty free Kitty Disclaimer (CFK).


Five designer beauty brands that do not use animal testing

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills
  2. Becca
  3. Urban Decay
  4. Kjaer Weis
  5. Smashbox


Some products from each of these brands are fully vegan, so please enquire with the brand or supplier for the latest info.


Five celeb beauty brands that do not practise animal testing

  1. Kylie Jenner’s companies: Kylie Skin (fully vegan) and Kylie Cosmetics (most products are vegan)
  2. Millie Bobby Brown’s company Florence by Mills (totally vegan)
  3. Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty (some products are vegan)
  4. Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty (some products are vegan) and KKW Fragrance (100 % vegan)
  5. Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty (some products are vegan)


49 South African brands that do not test on our furry, feathery or scaly friends

  1. African Extracts Rooibos – Vegetarian
  2. African Indigenous
  3. Africa Organics – Vegan, Natural, Certified Organic
  4. Africology – Natural
  5. Aloe Unique
  6. Apostrophe Bath & Body – Vegan
  7. Back 2 Nature – Natural, Vegan
  8. Beaucience
  9. Beautiful Earth – Natural
  10. Bee Pure – Natural, Vegetarian
  11. Biomedical Emporium
  12. Bio Oil
  13. Body Treats – Natural, Vegan
  14. Charlotte Rhys – Vegan
  15. Cherish Beauty – Natural, Vegetarian
  16. Cherubs
  17. Down to Earth – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  18. Earthsap – Natural
  19. Eco Diva – Natural/Organic, Vegetarian/Vegan
  20. Eco Products – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  21. Enchantrix – Natural/Organic
  22. Environ
  23. Esse – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  24. Gaia Organics – Natural/Organic
  25. Hey Gorgeous – Natural/Organic, Vegetarian/Vegan
  26. InstrinsiCurly Me
  27. Lamelle
  28. Lula Fox
  29. Lulu & Marula – Natural, Vegetarian
  30. Natraloe – Organic, Vegan
  31. Oh-Lief – Natural/Organic, Vegetarian
  32. Oh So Heavenly – Vegetarian/Vegan
  33. Optiphi
  34. Pradiance – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  35. Pure Beginnings – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  36. Pure Simple – Natural, Vegan
  37. Rain Africa – Natural, Vegetarian/Vegan
  38. RégimA
  39. Savane – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  40. Simply Bee – Natural
  41. Skin Creamery – Natural/Organic, Vegetarian
  42. Skoon – Natural/Organic, Vegan/Vegetarian
  43. SOiL – Natural/Organic, Vegan
  44. Sorbet
  45. TanLab – Vegan
  46. Theranaka – Natural/Organic
  47. Theravine
  48. Victorian Garden – Natural/Organic
  49. Woolworths Private Label & Earthfriendly products


Please remember that while products or brands may be cruelty-free, vegetarian or even vegan, their overarching companies may not be.

If you’re wanting to do your part to limit or eliminate animal cruelty in your beauty bag, it’s important to stay up to date on animal ethics, regulations and practises.

You might find this universal list useful. It divides companies into cruelty-free, brands with a parent company (that may not be) and ‘waiting’.