The world of dating has changed since technology kidnapped cupid. Back in the day, love wasn’t just a right swipe away. You couldn’t score a date from the comfort of your couch or flirt over the phone with emojis and video chats. You had to go to dinners, drive-ins, and dances. The struggle was real!

In addition to technology, people’s needs and lifestyles have changed. We struggle to find a balance between work, family, and fun. Romantic gestures are (almost) a thing of the past and cheesy chats on screen are the modern-day romance novel.


What dating was like…


In the Victorian Era (the 1800s)


If you were single and ready to mingle in the 1800s, you would have attended a dance or ball with a mature chaperone. It was kind of like clubbing, but way less sexual and more sophisticated. You couldn’t gulp shots or “bend and snap” on the dancefloor.

The women would select a suitable chap, who would be evaluated and approved by the chaperone. If all went well, the couple would go on a romantic stroll.

By the end of the night, the couple would decide if their romance should continue to blossom into a serious courtship, which wasn’t allowed to be sealed with a kiss. Touching was taboo and letters were sent to lovers as a sign of affection.


In the ‘60s


Way back in the ‘60s there were strict guidelines of do’s and don’ts when it came to looking for the perfect partner. You couldn’t go out solo to find someone special; it had to be done in groups. Your friends and their friends would get together for group dates at the bowling alley or drive-in. It’s kind of like today’s double-date times 6.

If a guy wanted to go on a date with you after the group meeting, he would have to be polite and a true gentleman who would open doors for you and stuff.  Teens couldn’t go on dates without their parent’s approval of the young lad and sex before marriage was off-limits. That, however, didn’t eliminate unplanned pregnancies, which tore families apart. Ouch!

Couples were naïve and fell in love when they were still spring chickens that had barely hatched from puberty.


In the ‘90s


Back in the 90s, you could go to the mall or local arcade and search for your future bf/gf amongst a few dozen potentials. Once you’d met your crush, you had to ask questions and take notes to get to know their likes and dislikes.

Based on your findings, you had to woo your crush with cheesy mixtapes, a boombox on your shoulder and letters of affection.

If everything went smoothly, you would have won the heart of your crush and enjoyed kissing booths, movies and disco dances.


Dating today…


Well, just grab your phone and go onto Tinder, inbox your crush on Facebook or go on a reality show like The Bachelor South Africa. Flirt a little, add emojis with hearts and make a date. Voila, you’ve got a match!After the date, texting will continue, and your Facebook relationship status will change to “In a Relationship with…”, which will grab attention and get you ‘likes’.A year later, you might be exchanging rose gold rings and have a wedding that costs more than your dream car.




The dating game is hard, it’s always been hard! Just ask any of the girls on The Bachelor SA – all looking for love. Romance died a little when the internet kidnapped cupid. Back in the day, people gave their lovers more face time and attention. Today things are rarely taken slow and relationships start with online chats, instead of sophisticated dances and letters of love. Almost everything has changed, but the feeling of love remains the same.

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