If you’re buying a car, you want the best bang for your buck, right? But safely, and easily.

Getting from, “where do I start” to “yay, it’s arrived!” is like driving from A to B with our intro to simple guide to buying a car online here, but what if you want the process to be even simpler?

Simplicity is one of our promises to you, so we’d like to suggest our preferred dealer partner, DigiCars.


High-tech showroom

From the moment you land on their website or walk into their store, it’s obvious that they have thought the purchase process through to put you in the front seat.

Like us, they are also dedicated to using tech to make your life better, and they care so much, they even have a robot that will remember your name. That’s just one of the many ways they’re “actively pushing the digital buying experience,” dotsure.co.za Dealer Sales Manager, Gregory Jones, points out.


Pandemic car purchase probs, solved.

Smart shoppers looking for a pre-loved vehicle naturally want to test drive a car they’re considering. Thing is, with SA’s novel coronavirus infections approaching its first peak, you may feel unsafe sitting in a car someone else sat in half an hour ago, even if all hygiene practises are in place (and they definitely are!). At DigiCars, you don’t have to.


Digi-powered, no-touch test drive

Their stunning Sandton showroom invites you to remotely test drive one of their virtual reality cars. It’s high-tech with a real goal of improving the buying experience. And they’ve applied it every step of the way.


Help with Finance

Once you’ve chosen the wheels you want, they’ll fast-track your financing with a reputable bank, and their exchange policy is competitive.

It’s all part of their greater mission to make your car buying experience unforgettably awesome.


The DigiCars Difference

The company keeps a broad selection for a range of budgets and insists on providing customers with diverse choices and uncompromised quality. The special treatment does not end when you walk off the showroom floor, either.

Whether it’s their 101 quality checks or a one-thousand-kilometre warranty, they put your security first.

“Our dedicated customer care team is what sets us apart and makes the pre-owned car buying experience a superior one, no matter what vehicle you opt for – we offer an unparalleled service for every buyer.”

And the robot? Pepper will not only remember your name but prepare you the perfect coffee made to your exact preference. Simple!

Let DigiCars turn “virtuality” into an actuality.



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