They say the world is your oyster. So, you decide to take a trip to Abu Dhabi and book yourself into the luxurious 5-star Hotel Fairmont to see and experience the luxury for yourself. During your stay, you spoil yourself to brunch for one at their award-winning Bab Al Bahr restaurant. The meal is pricey (no thanks to our weak exchange rate), but SO worth it! Every bite is delicious, and the view is unforgettable. With a full tummy, you contemplate asking for a doggy bag. After all, it would be a shame to have such a lavish meal go to waste.

No worries, the 5-star hotel has an effective way of taking care of brunch leftovers. They don’t throw it in the trash, they donate it to shelter pets in need of a hearty meal. Awww…

Motivated by the changing relationship and fate of kitchen waste, and the help of a local community organization, Hotel Fairmont Chef, J Gourmet, and his team came up with a plan to make a difference by feeding the leftovers to shelter pets at Cloud9, a ‘pet hotel’ and vet clinic that cares for street cats and dogs.

This small act of kindness makes a big difference in the lives of hungry, furry friends, and Chef Gourmet hopes that the drive will expand across the world.

Fairmont Hotel wishes to act as an example for other restaurants to do the same for the local shelter pets in their area. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of a Fairmont Hotel, do yourself a favour and go for brunch. And remember to leave some bacon for the barking buds to enjoy later.


‘Bone’ appétit!


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