Your first car took you wherever you needed to go, on your own terms.

In the early days, you couldn’t always scrape together enough for a full tank or a valet car wash but that was okay, the freedom made up for an always-on petrol light or a stranger writing “Please Wash Me” in the dust on your window.

Like Batman’s Batmobile, she took you to where the action was happening – even if it was at half the speed.

Together, you explored new cities. Conquered steep hills. Drove into sunsets and below stars. Maybe the two of you even racked up a few speeding tickets on your adventures. She was a good listener and never said a word about your taste in music, horrible singing, or your constant complaining about potholes, roadworks and sometimes, even about her.

You’ve made some unforgettable memories with your faithful steed, but the time has come for you to say your last goodbyes.



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A fresh new start

Starting a new journey is bittersweet, but on the bright side – you’ll experience that elusive new car smell and have the latest technology available at the touch of a button.

Depending on your make and model, you can add fancy features like:

  • Remote start
  • Bluetooth
  • Blindspot monitoring
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Heated seats
  • Side collision prevention

Once you’re ready to open your heart to a new roadster, you can follow these steps to avoid a messy breakup:

1. Take one last spin

You might experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but the last ride will give you the closure you need to move on. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the last journey. Take a few selfies with your first love and store it on the Cloud for safekeeping – one day you may want to show your grandchildren photos of you and your first car!

2. Looks matter

Replace damaged or old windscreen wipers, tail lights, and tyres to ensure your golden oldie is sold in a flash. When you transfer ownership of your car, you will need a Certificate of Roadworthiness. Not sure whether your car is roadworthy? See how you can do an at-home DIY check here.

But it’s not just about selling fast – it’s also about selling at a good price. “Scrambling at the last minute because your car broke down can mean making hasty choices and not getting a great deal”, says Jalopnik car writer Tom McParland.

3. Find a good home

If you sell your car privately and need to meet a potential buyer, AutoTrader recommends that you always meet in a public area. Busy mall parking lots are a great option and, if possible, take a friend or family member along with you.

In January 2020, BusinessTech reported that private sellers were approached by criminals posing as potential buyers who took the cars for test drives and robbed the victim, so always be careful about who you meet and where.

If you’re uncomfortable selling privately, you can take your car to WeBuyCars, AutoTrader  or

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