With dotsure.co.za Name Your Price™ (NYP), we make sure that you have access to flexible car insurance, customisable around your needs and lifestyle. This allows you to save by not being obliged to pay for ‘one-size-fits-all’ cover. In this article we discuss the Night-time driving cover limitation.

Are you more of a day dove than a night owl, mostly driving around during the day but rarely at night? If the answer is ‘Yes’, you could take advantage of a lower premium by opting out of cover related to Night-time driving*.


How you save on your premium

“Decreased visibility, depth perception, colour recognition, and peripheral vision are compromised after sundown,” according to Arrive Alive. That’s why drivers are more at risk of getting involved in an accident at night. Being covered for night-time driving increases your premium due to the higher risk it involves.

Opting out of Night-time driving on your Name Your Price™ car insurance policy, means that you only pay, and have cover for, the daytime traveling and not for the stay-at-home nights when your four-wheel ‘baby’ is snugly tucked away in the locked garage. This means that you won’t be covered for loss or damage which occurs between 21:00 at night and 05:00 in the morning.


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*T&Cs apply and can be obtained by emailing u2us@dotsure.co.za. Risk profile dependent. Discount only valid for the duration of the promotion starting 1 August 2020 and ending 31 October 2020.

** View 7 Ways to Save with NYP competition T&Cs here.