What can you do in less than 5 minutes? Maybe brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee or read two pages from an interesting book. Nothing life-changing, right? Well, dotsure.co.za makes 5 minutes count by giving you the opportunity to quote and buy Essential Life Insurance online from the comfort of your couch! This leaves you with more valuable minutes to do the things that matter most, like teaching your child how to ride a bicycle, say “Mama”, or tie his shoelaces.


Why get Life Insurance?



Benjamin Franklin said, “there are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes”. We’d add the unconditional love we have for our friends and family members to this list 😉.  Even though we can’t force the Grim Reaper to quit his day job, we can prepare for his arrival and make things a tad easier for the ones left behind – especially if they are dependent on us.

Life Insurance, in its simplest form, means being prepared financially, come what may. It ensures that you and your family receive financial support should the breadwinner/s of the household pass on. From as little as R36 pm* a young adult can get funeral cover with a pay-out of up to R5000. Click/tap here for more cover options.


More about dotsure.co.za Life Insurance…

dotsure.co.za offers affordable cover in a world where people are underinsured, or not insured at all; expenses are growing faster than wages, not even to mention the ever-rising petrol price which has us believing we’re paying for liquid gold (eish!).

Life changes all the time, and your essential life cover should be flexible enough to accommodate for these changes. The dotsure.co.za funeral policy has been designed with your family in mind, by offering flexible cover to you, your spouse/life partner and children under the family plan option. You can add an unlimited number of family dependants, all under one easy to manage policy.

To ensure you’re in control at all times, the dotsure.co.za Manage Portal has made it super simple to self-manage your policy. Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3 and with just a few clicks, you can add or remove family members, change beneficiaries, and decide who gets what portion of the benefit pay-out should you as the policy holder pass away. Flexible and easy to use products are what sets dotsure.co.za apart.

More benefits are listed below…


The Benefits

  • No medical exams required. 
  • Trauma hotline to help you through the difficult mourning/grieving stage following the passing of a family member.
  • 24-hour legal advice line to help with any legal issues that can arise, for example, the winding up of the estate, or queries related to the deceased loved one’s will.
  • Free Body Repatriation, to transport the body of the deceased to their home, within the borders of RSA.
  • Flexible cover for the whole family; an unlimited number of dependent family members can be covered at a small additional premium to the funeral cover/benefit.
  • Tax free pay-outs from R2,000 – R100,000 for funeral and R10,000 – R1,000,000 for accidental death and disability*.
  • Fast pay-outs within 48-hours, once all claim documents are received and the claim is approved*.


Take note: All our Life Insurance policies are whole life cover, which means that it never ends; as long as you pay your premiums and your policy remains active (on condition that you signed up within the age limit of 70 years).

These awesome benefits, together with the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing you and your loved ones are covered, will definitely make the five minutes you spend on this process, worth your while.  Yup, it’s that easy and convenient! Just grab your mobile, tablet or laptop and follow these simple steps for a quick online quote:


  1. Go to dotsure.co.za and click/tap the “START MY QUOTE” button.
  2. Click/tap on Life Cover and fill in your details.
  3. Select a plan and Name Your Price™.
  4. Click/tap the “Buy Now” button and enter your banking details.



Make the smart move for you and your loved ones; make every minute count!



*Terms and conditions apply. Premiums and pay-outs displayed above are purely for illustrative purposes. Cover and premiums are dependent on the client’s risk profile.