We know you think your pet is paw-some just because of how it looks at you. But could your pet be the next Ballon D’or winner or Grammy nominee?


Did someone say Ballon D’or?


This dog’s football skills are so neat – they make Messi jealous and would probably give Ronaldo a run for his money.


EARS to the dog whisperer.


Your puppy doesn’t take commands? You might learn a thing or two from this paw-some fellow.


NBA (National Birdball Association) Playoffs.


Give it up for this season’s MVPs!


So you think you can sing?


Well, this 3-year-old can certainly hit all the right notes and strike a chord with almost everyone.


This dog’s talents add up.


Turns out you really didn’t need a calculator for those maths spot tests in high school… you just needed a Jack Russel.


Downward Dog, doggy style.


No one does it like the master! This Downward Facing Dog could teach you a thing a two about the correct yoga positions.


Winner of the next X-games.


Cat got your tongue? Well, this cat had us speechless too!


So dogs are driving now?


Now that we all know we can teach dogs to drive… we’re all probably thinking the same thing – we’ll walk the dogs, and they’ll drive us around 😊.


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