Choosing the right pet insurance plan for your beloved furry friend can be challenging if you’re not sure about your cover options. Will the plan that you’ve selected cover your fur-child in the event of the neighbor’s Rottweiler jumping the fence and giving your girl an unwelcome “love bite”?   What if your terrier is a little terror and causes harm or damage to someone else or their property? Perhaps Wollie is just feeling under the weather and is ill…

“Will my plan cover this?”


We unpack the plans in plain English…no gibberish!


Accidental Plan from R73 pm


Overview: The name says it all. This plan provides cover for accidents only. No illness cover included under this plan.

This plan protects your pets against injuries sustained from accidents. Here are a few examples of things that would be considered accidents: bee-stings, snake bites, if your pet eats something weird if your pets get run over, etc.

For a breakdown of cover limits, click here.


Basic Plan from R168 pm


Overview: The Basic Plan provides cover for the basics. Accidents are covered as well as 50% of illness related claims up to the maximum claim amount of R3200.

The Basic Plan covers the basics but has higher cover limits than the Accidental Plan and also covers up to 50% of illness claims. If Belle’s health is good in general and she suddenly catches a tummy bug, we’ll help you nurse her back to health.

For a breakdown of cover limits, click here.


Standard Plan from R279 pm


Overview: The Standard Plan provides cover for both accidents and illnesses.

In exchange for a higher premium, you enjoy more cover. This plan provides cover for both accidents and illnesses.

For a breakdown of cover limits, click here.


Superior Plan from R381 pm


Overview: The Superior Plan covers the highest cover limits of all the plans and provides cover for accidental and illness-related claims. This plan also provides cover for hereditary conditions. Further to that, the plan also covers wellness benefits such as vaccinations or titer, heartworm, fecal tests, deworming, microchips, flea control, nail trimming, elective sterilization/ neutering, and dental check-ups.

This plan is our top dog and comes with all the bells and whistles! It provides your pets with royal treatment. It covers accidents and illnesses. It even allows your pet to go for nail trimming and dental check-ups.

For a breakdown of cover limits, click here.


Geriatric Plan



This is a plan caters for senior pets. A senior pet in this instance will be regarded as a pet that is older than 12 years of age. The maximum entry age for this plan is 20 years of age. This plan will only cover pets for accident-related claims and DOES NOT provide cover for illness related claims.

Your golden fur-balls (above 12-years of age) are also super “impawrtent” to us! That’s why we protect them against accidental injuries that can lead to expensive vet bills. has the highest standard plan entry ages and is the first insurer in South Africa to provide cover for senior pets.




Plan Benefits:


Third Party Liability Cover

Is your little fur-friend a little overzealous? Our products protect you against any damage caused by your big guy to other people’s property or bodies. Either way though, prevention is better than cure. Keep those fences secure and your excitable animals well fed.


No Waiting periods on claims

We understand that accidents can happen at any time. That’s exactly the reason you need insurance. We promise to protect your beloved fur-balls against accidents from day 1.


Multiple pet discount

You get a 15% discount if you add more than one pet to your policy.


Non-elective euthanasia

It’s hard enough having to say goodbye to a furry family member; why should you have to suffer the costs as well?


Excess Waiver

If you don’t want to pay an excess on claims, no worries, we will waive them for an additional monthly premium of just R27.


Month-to-month cover

We understand that your circumstances might change and so we give you the option to take cover on a month-to-month basis, with absolutely no punishment for canceling your cover any time. We know that our cover is right for you.


Wellness Benefits (Superior Plan only)

Vaccination or titer; heartworm; fecal test; deworming; microchip; flea control; nail trim; elective sterilization/neutering and dental check-up.


Important things to know:


(If it’s the only thing you read, read this section)


  • There is a 30-day waiting period on illness-related claims.
  • There is an excess payment of 10% of the claim (minimum R150) applicable on all claims (unless you have opted to take the additional excess waiver benefit)
  • All illness claims where the pet is younger than 6 months, an additional excess of R300 will apply.
  • All plans carry overall cover limits and cover limits per claim. The plans also carry sub-limits per medical expense.

It is vitally important that you know and understand what these limits are as per your selected plan.

The limit tables are stipulated in your policy schedules and policy wordings and also available on the website at the following link:

We value and appreciate honest feedback

Should you have any questions relating to your policy or if you are ever unsure about what your specific plan covers, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We’d love to hear from you! Call us on 0861 dotsure (3687873) or email us on We will be happy to upgrade or downgrade your plan according to your specific needs.