If you have an AR-enabled smartphone, you can now view 1 of 3 Porsche models in your driveway, outside a club or even next to your boss’ car in the work parking lot.

Yup, thanks to clever software, you can place the Porsche 911 Carrera S, the Cayenne Coupé, or the Mission E concept study anywhere you please, at least, in augmented reality.


Augmented what?

Augmented reality (AR) is a way of seeing something superimposed onto your surroundings. It’s done through a device like your smartphone and uses the camera function. As you ‘view’ the surroundings through the camera, an app or software places the desired object into the scene… in three dimensions.

Companies already use AR to help customers “try before they buy”. IKEA “will allow users to visualize how their homes could be furnished with IKEA products by inputting room dimensions and choosing from different tastes and life stages” in 8 of its top markets including USA, Germany, China, France, and the Netherlands by the end of 2019. The coolest part? Once you’ve seen that scratch-proof couch in your lounge, you can hit ‘buy’ in the app. It’s just as easy with the Porsche. Well, the window-shopping part. Here’s how it works:


Two steps to your Porsche

Digital Trends explains[1] how the new Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App (PARVA) works:

  1. “Customers and dreamers alike can configure their ideal Porsche vehicles with their desired options using the conventional Web Configurator on the automaker’s website.” Want it in deep maroon? Done. Blue mags? Done. White leather interior? Done. Chrome trim inside? Done. With a café latte on the side? K, that one’s still to come. 😜
  2. “After fully configuring a car, users can upload the code from the Web Configurator into the app.”


From all angles

Because a luxury car is as much a work of art as a feat of engineering, real Porsche appreciation includes seeing it “in the round”, too. “After loading their dream car in PARVA,” Digital Trends continues[2], “users can view several dimensions for a closer look at technical details.”


More for 2020

Although only three models are on offer at present, you’ll be able to virtually park more Porsche models anywhere you please by the end of 2019. The question now is, which one do you want?


Download the app… if you can

If your smartphone is AR-enabled, you can download it here:



One thing’s for sure, now that Porsche has solved #shopblocking, even if you never actually own one, you can simply screenshot it and it’ll look great on the ‘gram!


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