New native auto software from the search king might operate your next car.

Can you imagine giving orders to your car instead of doing it yourself? You can with Google. The search giant has taken the fast lane in operating systems (OS) for cars and is on track to insert itself into your next high-end automobile purchase. It isn’t about which playlist you want to hear. The future of Android Auto is far more than a handsfree infotainment system.

First of all, you need a screen

Current infotainment systems let you dock the phone in a stand. Google Auto says no to interacting with devices and puts the power in the driver’s sights. New screens will be big, wide and awake. No good looking at a blank screen, though, right?

Then you need Android

The system is android, and the future is coming. Android Auto is not yet built into vehicles. You still need a phone and an app called Android App. In the future, cars will come with native Android operating system included. Ain’t nobody got time for an app and a mobile phone on the road.

More than music

Does it feel like more and more ‘things’ in the internet of things are ‘powered by Android’? You’re not mistaken. But Android for Automobile is not just your in-house electronic DJ, picking tunes at your command. It enables system-level operation. Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do:

  • Deactivate seat warmers
  • Put the heater on
  • Book a mechanic

But why can’t I just use my phone?

You can, of course. You can dock your phone or even have it lying about on the seat next to you. Fair enough if you have a buddy in the passenger seat to operate it, but you cannot use it while driving alone because accidents. With Android Auto, “the biggest difference,” says auto express[1],  “is that the system has been developed with car use in mind.” This means it’s simpler (and safer! ) to use Android Auto in your car. You simply talk to Google using its advanced speech recognition abilities. Not going to help you after a visit to the dentist, but who wants to talk then, anyway? 😉

When, then, Google?

The wait is not that long for early adopters. Android will be in Audi and Volvo cars by 2020. So, if you want to make an investment in your car and its User Interface (UI), watch out for this one.

But wait, this ain’t no self-driving vehicle

Probably important to mention that you might be able to get Google to do things for you that you would otherwise have to do yourself, but this is not a system that enables self-driving. At least, not yet. Those who love to be in the driver’s seat are still in charge. For now…