Whether it’s brand new, or new to you, there’s nothing like that new car smell. But before you get all caught up in the scent of a new set of wheels, don’t forget about everyone’s favourite chore: making sure your new car is insured.

Hey, don’t yawn! That’s your new baby we’re talking about – and a good insurance plan can help keep your ride on the road for longer. Still not convinced that a new car needs to be insured? Here are a few more reasons to invest in insurance for your new set of wheels.


Keep your budget in check

If you’ve just purchased a new vehicle, chances are you’re living the end-of-the-month Salticrax life. While this might seem like a great reason to hold off on purchasing insurance, a lack of proper coverage can end up costing you big time, since any fees resulting from an uninsured accident will end up coming out of your own pocket. Often legal fees, fines, and damages can amount to more than what insurance would have cost in the first place!

But we at dotsure.co.za know that insurance costs aren’t always straightforward. That’s why, with us, you never have to pay for things you can’t afford. Pick and choose exactly what you need coverage for with our amazing Name Your Price™ comprehensive insurance product. That means you’ll never overpay for features you don’t want, or be left without add-ons you might need.**


Don’t skimp on safety

With our sprawling mountains, expansive deserts and glorious beaches, South Africa is a beautiful country for road trips. Unfortunately, our roads are also dangerous.

According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), 1 448 people died over the December 2020-January 2021 period as a result of 1 210 traffic accidents in South Africa. So, statistically, driving in SA is one of the most dangerous things you can ever do in your lifetime.

But how will car insurance help if you are injured? Well, if you’re part of the dotsure.co.za family, you can enjoy access to quick medical attention. We cover road and/or air transportation to get you to the nearest medical facility as fast as possible – because, in these situations, time is often of the essence.


Less fuss, more drive

Accidents are stressful and traumatic enough already, especially if your new ride has suffered a bump or two. The last thing you need is to deal with tedious admin afterwards – that’s why dotsure.co.za aims to save you the trouble. We’ll deal with the Road Accident Fund on your behalf, as well as taking care of other hassles, such as vehicle towing, repairs, and replacements. Just another way that the right car insurance can ease the annoyance of accidents!

So, rather be safe and pick the best car insurance now with dotsure.co.za: from prices you pick with Name Your Price™ to superfast claims pay-outs, choose SA’s #1 rated insurer* and get fast, convenient car insurance – all online, anytime.


*As rated on Hellopeter.com at time of sending for publication.

**T&Cs and possible exclusions may apply and can be obtained by e-mailing u2us@dotsure.co.za. Risk profile and policy dependent.