Is the car at the top of your wish list also at the top of the list for Mzansi’s car thieves? We looked at our books to bring you a summary of which cars are more likely to be hijacked or stolen, so you can make a less high-risk decision should you be so inclined.


You might be considered a high-risk driver if you have had one or more car accidents, received multiple speeding tickets or other traffic citations, been convicted for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or just recently received your driver's licence. But sometimes, your car is a high risk, which means it is more likely to be hijacked or stolen than other vehicles. According to our records, these are the most hijacked or stolen cars in Mzansi:

  • VW Polos – sedan and hatchback alike.
  • Toyota – Fortuner and Hilux, more so the GD-6 models.
  • Ford pick-ups, with the Ranger being a favourite.


The where and when.

According to, you are most likely to be hijacked on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 18:00 and 21:00, or on a Friday or Saturday between 21:00 and midnight. However, our records show no specific trends. It can happen at any point during the day or night. We have tried plotting times or trends, but we cannot. Mzansi’s car thieves are prepared to get their hands on your steering wheel at any point – wherever, whenever!


The how.

Car jamming is an everyday occurrence in the streets and parking lots of Mzansi. Criminals use signal-blocking technology to prevent a vehicle from locking correctly to gain easy access to your car. However, our data tells us that the “flashing lights” brigade is back. We’ve received several claims where clients report being flashed from behind or the front, and they are highjacked upon stopping.


Always check that your car is locked before moving away from it and never stop for a vehicle that is flashing you from behind or in front. However, in the unfortunate event that you are hijacked, or your car is stolen – you can rest easy when you know that you are covered by