Snoopy, an 8-year old Beagle from Jozi, is doing his part for the planet by picking up litter during his daily walks. This precious pup sniffs out the trash and carries it all the way to his pet-mom for recycling. Aww, now isn’t this the sweetest recycling effort ever!

Snoopy has been excelling in his role as self-appointed nature conservationist – leaving behind a green pawprint since 2013. Besides for his constructive hobby of picking up soda bottles, Snoopy also enjoys chasing tennis balls!

His owner, Allison Milton, says that Snoopy is a real foodie and needs his daily walks to keep the pounds off. “I walk him every evening in our suburb and everyone loves him,” says Allison.



The pooch is an inspiration to everyone around him. Hopefully, other dogs (and humans) can be trained to help Snoopy on his quest to make the world a cleaner place for both humans and his fellow four-legged friends.


Is this unusual behaviour for a Beagle?

No, not really! Beagles are inquisitive animals and it’s in their nature to roam around. They’re hunting hounds and bred to run (and walk) long distances. You can train your Beagle to sniff out trash just like Snoopy. All you need is a little patience and a lot of tasty doggy biscuits.


5 Facts about Beagles



  1. Beagles have an exceptional sense of smell.
  2.   They are very intelligent.
  3. Beagles are gentle and even-tempered – they are ideal family pets due to their fun-loving nature and happy-go-lucky temperament.
  4. They have a unique yodelling howl for those super-exciting moments – such as picking up an interesting scent trail – which is just their way of inviting more pet pals to join in on the fun.
  5. When it comes to shedding, Beagles are low maintenance dogs because of their short hair.


Watch this video to find out how you can train your dog to help clean up the planet: