In this blog, we share our dog hero of the month’s feel-good story. Rico is a brave and beautiful German Sheppard who survived 4 serious surgeries, one including a delicate throat procedure. He is not only our hero, but also a proud family member.


Rico’s journey

Rico is a brave 11-year old dog who struggled to breath before his last throat surgery.  Luckily, Hilton Vet Hospital came to his rescue, when they appointed a specialised surgeon to perform throat surgery on the breathless barking boy. Before surgery, poor Rico’s spirits were low, and he had almost completely lost his appetite. Aww, shame


The good news

It’s been more than a month after Rico’s last surgery, and he is doing very well!

“Rico went from a reluctant eater with a withdrawn personality to a bubbly and bouncy puppy”, says pet mom, Kashmita Chetty. The heroic hound goes for blood tests every week to monitor his cortisol and electrolyte levels. “He has now been prescribed a reduced (and his lowest) dose of cortisol medication and will soon be off (we are hopeful)”, says Kashmita.


Support from

“ ensured we never had to compromise the health and care of our fur-baby. makes our claim process effortless. I submit my claim forms and in under 2 hours, I have the details of my claims handler and claims are paid out within 2 working days. Rico had 4 surgeries last year and our pet insurance provider paid each claim to the maximum claim limit. I definitely recommend pet insurance to help ease the financial burden without having to compromise the care provided.”, says Kashmita.

What a heart-warming story! We are thrilled to hear that Rico is doing so well and that he is on his way to making a full recovery. We’re also super proud of the fact that Kashmita and her nine fur-kids are part of the family. #blessedwiththebest



Here’s to many more kisses, cuddles and tasty treats for Rico! 😊

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