In this blog, we share pet-parent, Sharon Konstantinou’s, emotional story about her furry companion’s fight against cancer. Follow Beanie’s journey and find out more about the courageous canine’s story and road to recovery.


Beanie’s journey:


Before diagnosis

“Beanie had a very ugly growth cut off her lip. What we thought was a gross wart, turned out to be the start of this devastating journey. It was a Mass Cell Tumor (MCT). This type of cancer is a skin cancer that looks like warts that grow slowly over time. Some growths can be benign, others not so much. It’s more often found in older dogs, but Beanie is only 4 years old.”- Sharon Konstantinou


The diagnosis

“The initial removal of the MCT seemed all peachy until the biopsy and report came back. Beanie’s MCT came back as a Grade II tumor (can be treated and removed if caught early enough) but unfortunately the margins were unclear, meaning it had already started spreading. The vet operated again to cut a larger radius off, beyond the initial margins. However, because of its placement and grade, it has gone too deep and she could not cut further into Beanie’s jaw and down to the bone. Simply, the vet could not get it all. It has spread too much. Beanie has cancer.”- Sharon Konstantinou


Her treatment

“Future treatment involves radiation of that localized area, and us watching extremely closely to make sure it does not spread to her lymph nodes (which will be very bad as it will then very quickly spread through her whole body and turn into Metastasis). Of course we’re going to do everything we can to help our Little Bean.”- Sharon Konstantinou


We wish Beanie a speedy and full recovery and hope that she will enjoy many more healthy years filled with lots of cuddles and kisses from mommy Sharon.



Take it easy furry one 😉


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