‘Tis the Season for sand-covered paws and wet, wagging tails! As pet-parents we know that a holiday with our furry friends are just so much sweeter than without. The fresh, salty air has different effects on all of us. Same goes for our pets – some go crazy with excitement, while others laze away the endless Summer days (ah). Check out what happened to these pets when they set paws on the world’s largest sandpit and dipped their fluffy tails into the waves.


WARNING: The following content will make you ROFL (roll on the floor laughing).


    1. “They see me rollin’, they hatin’… tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty.”- @shoreknitr


  1. “I’m gonna soak up the sun, I’m gonna tell everyone to lighten up.”- @thecuriousmaxx


  1. “It’s getting hot out there, so take off all the towels.”- @Teddy


  1. “Ah, ya, ya, ya, ya, I keep on hopin’ we’ll eat ‘hake’ by the ocean.”- @anau_ig


  1. “She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes.” (woof, woof!)- @thunder_lance


  1. “Duunn dunnn….duuuuunnnn duun…duuuunnnnnn dun dun.” (jaws theme song)- @tiba_podengo


  1. “I got a hangover, whoa! I’ve been drinking too much milk fur-sure.”- @marikaforsea


  1. “Mr sandman bring meow a dream, make it the sweetest that I’ve ever seen.”-@lysanda


  1. “I found a love for me, darling just dive right in and follow my lead.”- @lillucia25


10. “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. How lovely are thy branches.” – @md10_dog_shampoo


It definitely looks like some of these pets are living their best lives on the beach. Just like humans, most dogs enjoy the sand between their paws and a refreshing dip in the ocean. Cats, on the other hand, prefer to stay on dry sand as they don’t like to get their fur wet. But hey, each to their own right?

Now go on and take the leash to these pet friendly beaches in Cape Town! Remember to share the cute pics with us on Facebook!


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